Parking at Half-Pint

We LOVE the Goodman Community Center. Love it.  But there is one thing that we – and all shoppers, consignors, and volunteers – need to be aware of.  And that’s parking.

First, remember that you can park in the GCC lot – there aren’t a ton of options, but there IS parking.  So take a look!  Second, we do have Loot Valet – for consignors that means you can drop off your stuff right at the door and have a volunteer watch it for you while you go and park your car.  Same for shoppers – buy great stuff, and have someone watch it for you while you go and get your car.  Lickety Split.

So if GCC’s lot is full, there are plenty of other options.

This handy-dandy map gives you everything you need to know.  And of course there is always street parking, which is in abundance, and with the Loot Valet, it’s a quick walk.

We are asking – ok BEGGING – you NOT to park in anything labeled “fire lane” or “no parking” zones, and in the Madison Kipp lot that is right across the railroad tracks from the GCC lot.

We love Goodman Community Center so much that we want them to love us – and all of YOU – right back.


Thanks, we appreciate it!

-Ellen and Lisa

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