SALE 15 – It’s finally here!

Spring has sprung, and my kids need clothes.  Yours, too?

Get your resuable bags ready and your cheat sheets complete.  The 15th semi-annual Half-Pint Resale is here!  

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15th Semi-Annual Fall/Winter Half-Pint Resale
Madison Curling Club

Saturday, April 18, 2015- 8am-7pm
Sunday, April 19, 2015- 8am-1pm (when everything is half off!)

Here are a couple of  things that might help you prepare for the season’s biggest 
shopping extravaganza:

1) Volunteers will be wearing black and will be wearing nametags.  They are here to help you!  There are a couple of volunteers with special duties that will really help you out:  Volunteers in the LARGE ITEM AREA will help you purchase large items so you can easily purchase them without hindering the rest of your shopping experience (look for the signs on the wall).  Volunteers with a ASK ME ABOUT BABY CARRIERS sign on their backs are ladies who know a TON about baby carriers and will be hanging around in that area during a few hours of the sale to help you try carriers on and learn about what will be best for you and your baby.    We hope that these folks will help make your shopping experience better.  Read more about the types of baby carriers you might find at Half-Pint Resale on our website, with a guest post by Cynthia Bachhuber, Babywearing International Madison.

2) There are two main areas at the Madison Curling Club.  

The lobby area of the Curling Club will be an active part of the sale this year – our BIG EXPRESS area will feature nearly all of the large items that are for sale.    Items in this area will be purchased separately from items on the lower sales floor, and good news, you can use your credit card to purchase these items.  We’ll hold them there or you can take them right out to the car!   The process is slightly different, as well.  On entrance to the area, grab a form, shop!, and then fill out the top and find a volunteer to help you finish getting all of your items recorded on the form.  Then you’ll proceed on to paying, and you can grab your items after you shop the main sales floor.

There will also be a few tables, seats, and places to just take a load off in the lobby!  Feel free to come in and take a seat, nurse your baby, dig into some food from Slide Food Cart (check out their hours on our Upcoming Sale page).  You are more than welcome to come and hang out – we only ask that you leave all yet-to-be-purchased items on the sales floor.

The main sale area is in the arena part of the building.   NOTE:  The temperature in the arena area is similar in temperature to the temperature outside, due to the nature of the space.   Dress in layers!

3) Spend some time reading through our Shopping Tips.   There are a few things to highlight…

4)  Strollers are NOT allowed during peak shopping times (anytime before Noon on Saturday).   It gets crowded and it would be unsafe for everyone.   We also highly recommend you not bring children.  We know – sometimes you have no choice!  But we’ve had several kids get lost (think kids shorter than the racks and at some peak shopping times, several hundred people packing the space).    Finally, Children of any size that are WORN in a carrier are ALWAYS welcome, anytime!  If you do bring kids, please make sure that they do not play with the toys or sit in the gear.  We’ve had kids break things (and then the item is unsellable) or have had people pass over things they want to buy because they think that they are accounted for, only to find out later that the person using the item wasn’t intending to buy it, and then a consignor lost the sale.

5) Check out all of our tips about holding items on our shopping tips page.  PLEASE!  Don’t abandon items on this table!  Shoppers and consignors alike miss out.

6)  We hate doing it, but we also have some things that we ask you not to do – such as allowing your children to sit on or play with the toys, and sitting and sorting through your bag of items before you purchase them.  Thanks for taking a second to get up to speed!

7) Don’t forget to come on Sunday during the Half-Price sale!  Everything (excluding rare green-tagged items over $75 that a consignor asked to be excluded from the sale) is half-off!

8)  Do you tweet?  Post on facebook?  Instagram?  Post your #hpscore after the sale and maybe you’ll win some Half-Pint goods!   Also share the event on facebook!

9) Did you know that you can recycle all of your plastic bags after Half-Pint?  If you can’t use them again, check out these tips!

10)  And last, but not least, We only take cash and check on the lower sales floor!  Keeping consignor checks as high as possible and keeping as much money  in the community as possible.

-Ellen and Lisa

PS – Half-Pint is only possible because of the tremendous community we are a part of.  Say thank to these folks next time you see them

PPS – We have a couple of goofy Half-Pint goods for you to buy this sale – our kids are IN LOVE with these glasses, and we have hair ties and large vinyl stickers!  Check them out on the Half-Pint goods table near the check-out.

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