Sale 18

 Fall 2016 Half-Pint Resale

Consignor and Volunteer Registration are Open!

It’s been a fine winter, and while I hope to get in one more good weekend of snowy fun, I’m already thinking about spring flowers and summer vacations.  Spend some cold stay-in kind of days getting ready for the upcoming Spring/Summer Half-Pint – register today to Consign and Volunteer!
Have you been to Half-Pint Resale? It’s the area’s largest children’s consignment sale, with items for kids ages 0-12, pregnant mommas, and new parents. With tens of thousands of items sold in just three days (see the video), local families can put their gently used goods back into the community and some money back in their pockets, and shoppers get great deals, knowing that their dollars are heading right back into the community.


Guess what!  There are people out there who want the clothes you have sitting around in your basement and under the bed.  They want to give you MONEY for them.  Yes!  Find new life in things you no longer need, and put a check in your pocket.

For those of you who are new to consigning, check out the Consigning area of our website for loads of info that will explain how it all works, and learn about all of the fabulous perks of consigning including 70% of your sales (the highest of any other consignment sale in the area and always 70% whether or not you volunteer), and a special pre-sale all for you!  

Barcodes you say?  Once you are registered through our online system, you be able to print out barcodes that correspond with your specific Consignor Number and the Price.  Barcodes are then copied easily onto labels.  Labels are affixed to a tag, giving you the flexibility to tag with a glass of wine in front of the TV or with a gaggle of friends (you can see where our priorities continue to lie, hey?).  Don’t worry, we spell it all out for you on our consignor page!

And guess what?  Choose to donate any goods not sold post sale to the non-profits that Half-Pint supports and you will be automatically be eligible to win a $100 Food Fight Gift Certifcate (yum!).


We have a lot of fun, so you should Join us! Plus, you get into the presale first (and have all day, Noon-8pm to shop!)  There are many kinds of volunteer opportunities and a huge variety of times available.


Want to get the word out about your family-friendly business/non-profit to area families? Find out more!



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