Updated Format for Fall 2021 Sale

To make a sale that is safe in our current environment, we are going to make some significant changes to the upcoming sale. Our hope is that these changes will allow for safe shopping and also for a more comfortable volunteer environment!  We are cancelling our previously planned public Half-Pint Resale, and instead holding the following:

Half-Pint Private Sale

There will be no public shopping.  This private sale will not include a half-price sale.   The sale will only be available for consignors, volunteers and friends of volunteers.  Volunteers can shop the entirety of the sale.   For all dates/times (including consignor drop-off, etc., check out the upcoming sale page).

Friday, September 10 – Noon-8:30pm 
12-5pm is for volunteers only
Consignors can shop beginning at 5pm

Saturday, September 11 – 8am-1:30pm
Volunteers and Consignors welcome all day Saturday.  Friends of Volunteers Sale starts on Saturday at 8am


1.  Must be fully vaccinated (whether or not you shop!)
2.  Will get the opportunity to sell their items to over 800 HIGHLY motivated (and excited!) shoppers (who likely will be bringing long lists :))
3.  Can choose to pick-up unpurchased items directly from the sales floor on Saturday from 2-4pm.  At 4pm, all items that are left will become the property of Half-Pint Resale and will be donated.  (Items will not be presorted for consignors – you’ll need to walk the sales floor to retrieve items.)  Consignors who plan to pick-up items can leave a bin.


1.  Must be fully vaccinated
2.  Can invite one friend to shop the private Friends of Volunteers sale on Saturday.  (Form for submitting the name will be available September 1, 2021)
3. To ensure safety of all of our guests (and especially all of the unvaccinated littles at the homes of all of our guests), if you are not vaccinated and are currently scheduled to volunteer, you will need to cancel your shift.

All consignors, volunteers and friend shoppers will be required to show their vaccination card upon entry to the building.  Masks will be required by all at all times.

What’s next?

1.  If you would no longer like to consign, please send us an email at halfpintresale@gmail.com and we will refund you your consignor fee.
2.  Sign up to volunteer!   All volunteers who are filling shifts that aren’t changing will remain in those shifts.  All volunteers who are filling shifts that no longer exist will be cancelled.  The new volunteer schedule is now posted.


**We will be reviewing the volunteer schedule on Monday, August 23rd and we will determine if we have enough volunteers to move forward with the sale.  If you want to cancel your volunteer shift, you can do that through the same portal where you registered.

We’re excited about these changes and think it has the potential to make a really great and fun and safe event.  We hope you’ll join us!


Artwork courtesy of Amplifier.org.

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  1. Susan Ramspacher

    Great work keeping us safe and providing this opportunity. Thanks for all you do for our community. When is consignor drop off?

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