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Fun Booth on Sunday!

The sale is always a lot of fun, but we have a few extra reasons to come this sale this year (other than the incredible deals).


We love fun booths. We love how they let people let loose, show their inner happy.  And we love how at the end, we are part of a collective experience, all captured in a set of goofy shots.

So, come join the First Moments Photography photo booth during the Half-Price sale on Sunday, April 21 (8am-1pm)!  It will be set up so that you can pop in while you are in line (something to do while you wait!).  Show off your favorite Half-Pint find in your bag.  Bring your babe and get a nice shot of the two of you together (if you are like us, there aren’t enough of those!) or even bring your whole family to shop the final deals and get in on the fun together!  No matter what mustache you pick or hat you don, all participants can sign up to win a Half-Pint Gift Certificate for the Fall 2013 – AND post sale, you can download your picture and share it with your friends on facebook.

You’ll come have fun, won’t you?


Have you checked out Hulafrog yet? It’s an awesome go-to guide for things to do with kids in the Madison area! Visit to see what is going on, and don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter and get their Our Pick emails & The Weekend Guide to find out about can’t miss activities, deals and events for families. Your kids will thank you for it!

Hulafrog is a Fall 2012 Half-Pint Resale sponsor – so go check them out!  (Say hi from us while you are there…)

Free Children’s Fun this weekend!

You wouldn’t want to miss this weekend’s FREE FUN at the Goodman Community Center! It’s the second annual Goodman Days.  We went last year and had a blast!

Sunday, June 12 from 2:00 – 6:00pm at the Goodman Community Center (you all know where that is –149 Waubesa St) 

» David Landau, local children’s storyteller and musician will perform at 3:30 p.m.

» Build your own ice cream sundaes available all-day long

» Bubble making and wands

» Bouncy castle and inflatable climbing train cars.

» Gym activities with tunnels, tubes, balls and scooters and hoola hoops

» Take home party favors

» If it’s hot, there will be water games!

All activities are free thanks to the generosity of the Goodman Foundation.

Oompa, Loompa! & Last day to register to consign!

I just wandered over to Oompa, the great children’s store right off the beltline in Middleton (which makes it a short trip for most anyone, really).  They are giving out a 20% coupon to their store JUST for registering to consign.  Bingo!  Good stuff, hey?  Speaking of consigning, TODAY is your LAST day to register to consign.  The magics of our form system will TURN OFF at midnight tonight.  Make the move!

And speaking of Oompa, they are having a great event tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 11th, 1-3pm)  in honor of Grandparent’s Day! We’re talking a Book signing and activity with local author Ellie Schatz.   Check out Oompa’s other free activities that are coming up as well!


So, so quiet….

We’ve been a bit quiet lately.  Not on purpose – but between Half-Pint’s, we’re reminded of all of our other hobbies.  And our jobs.  Oh, and our families.

But we’re not short on thoughts (and as my husband always says – absolutely not short on opinions) so we’ll begin to send them your way again soon, promise.

In the mean time, we’ll post a little link fun.  LOVE this blog (LOVE the color just as much, too).  How About Orange posted these cool book plates.  And because it’s officially summer, your kids might enjoy a trip to Half-Price Books, and this nifty book plate to boot.  Sounds like a perfect rainy-afternoon activity.


Your 2010 Olympics Buttoned-Up!

Oh, YES!  It’s a pretty printable one-page summary of the 2010 Olympics schedule thanks to Buttoned-Up.  Now you won’t get into a pickle like I did yesterday.  Told my kiddo we could watch ski jumpin, but uh, it wasn’t on.  It’s very important – he’s going to be a ski-jumper, you know.

Seriously, I should know better by now than to promise a four year old something I know nothing about.  And yes, I could have gone online and looked it up, but now I’ll just consult the fridge.