Download the PDF:  WHAT TO SELL  (includes seasonal guidelines)
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Above all, items need to be Clean, odor free, current styled, quality items for ages 0-12 in excellent condition. Please look closely through your items for stains, holes, worn knees, missing buttons, broken zippers, smell of must/smoke, etc., as they will be turned away during check-in in order to keep this a high quality sale.

Consignor Limits

What To Sell

To Note]

  • We accept cloth diapers.  Please read our post on issues regarding stains.
  • We accept Breast Pumps and accessories.  Disclaimers about use of a used pump are posted on the pumps/parts prior to the opening of the sale.  Please do not include any tubing or phlanges as these will be discarded prior to the sale.
  • We accept Nursery Furniture, but NOT cribs. Please read this post for more information on cribs.
  • We accept Baby Carriers (slings, etc.)  Experts in baby carriers volunteer for the sale and pull all carriers that are deemed unsafe or have been recalled prior to the opening of the sale.
  • We accept High quality toys without any missing parts (including Children’s books and DVDs). All items/groupings must have a $5 minimum.  See tagging instructions for suggestions.   Parenting/Pregnancy Books have a $2 minimum.

[We are UNABLE to accept]

  • Items that are for the wrong season.
  • Items that are for the wrong season or are out of our size range (0-14)
  • Cribs,  Car seats and Bike helmets
  • Maternity Clothing (accessories such as belly bands are acceptable)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Battery operated toys/equipment without working batteries installed. Any item that does not work will be taken out of the sale
  • Stained, torn, overly-worn, faded or out-of-date items
  • Items that are broken or have missing parts
  • Items that are not tagged properly
  • Any item that has been subject to recall or contains lead and/or phylates.  Check out these sites to help you determine if your item is safe.
  • Multiple items of the same exact item (purchased in bulk for the purpose of reselling)
  • Half-Pint organizers and volunteers have the right to turn away clothing for any reason, and especially watch for items that are out-of-date.


  • We like tagging to be easy for our consignors.   We also want to make our systems as efficient as possible.  To make tagging more flexible, instead of using a complete online system, we now are using a “hybrid” system where barcodes are made and then printed on labels to coincide with a specific price and your number.  Barcodes are then affixed to your tags.
  • Barcoding is good for you as a Consignor for the following reasons:   Increased accuracy at checkout (no worries about your handwriting!), increased accuracy at Data Entry (no room for even the smallest of human error), potentially quicker checks with less to reconcile post sale.
  • Tags should be printed/copied on standard white copy paper (the cheap stuff is fine!)
  • Barcodes are printed by logging in to our online registration site.  
  • It’s easy: Read all about the barcoding system as well as all of the ins and outs of tagging in our Tagging Guidelines (see link below).
  • Copying Barcodes:  Many consignors like to make “templates” of their barcodes and then copy those templates.  The rule of thumb is a barcode can be COPIED ONCE.  OK:  Printed labels are affixed to a tag template and then that tagging template is copied (always from the original).  OK:  Labels are printed on paper and then COPIED onto labels (always from the original).  NOT OK:  Labels are printed, then copied onto labels, and then these labels are copied.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Using Barcodes from a Past Sale:  As long as you were not contacted with a “your barcodes don’t work” email, feel free to use barcodes from previous sales, as long as you are using your same consignor number.



  • The more you sell, the more money you make! While you should price your items for what they are worth, price to sell!
  • As a guideline, we suggest you price an item at 25%-30% of what you purchased it for if it is still in Very Good resalable condition.  Think about what you would like to pay.  We reserve the right to turn away or pull from the floor any item that we feel is priced too high for the sale. 
  • NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE FALL 2021 SALE – During the Half-Price sale, ALL items will be sold at half-price. We do not offer a “no discount option” except for items over $75- see below.
  • All clothing and accessory items must be priced at a MINIMUM of $2. You may group (securely please!) smaller items together. Prices should be in whole dollar amounts ONLY (no cents).  Parenting/Pregnancy books can also be priced at this minimum.
  • All Toys (including children’s books) should be priced at a minimum of $5. Please group (securely please!) lesser-valued items together.
  • Items MUST be properly tagged following the tagging guidelines.
  • Have an item that you are pricing for $75 or more? Items that are $75 or more are eligible to have a NON-HALF-PRICE tag.  The tag must be green (either printed on green paper or colored with a green highlighter).  you may print the tag template on GREEN PAPER.  Please also indicate on the tag “Not Half-Price“. Remember, though, that most of our shoppers at the half-price sale are return shoppers looking for a good deal. If your item is unsold by the half-price sale, your item will most likely not sell – so price it to move!
  • If you mark your non $75+ items with a green tag or NO DISC tags, you will be assessed a $20 fee.
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