THANK YOU for an amazing event.  Stay tuned for information about fall.  In the mean time, GET VACCINATED, wear your masks and stay safe.  Let’s all do our part in making sure we can get together as soon as possible! *Consignors, electronic checks will be sent within a week of the end of the sale. *


We have made improvements to our virtual sale from fall, and we hope you’ll join us!

It’s not perfect – it allows for just a simple posting and just one photo, and nothing about it is ideal. However, it does allow for you, our Half-Pint community, to get your kids items back out into the community, make a few dollars, and get things you need for spring and summer!

Help us make this a top notch experience for shoppers!  List your absolute very best items, as buyers will be committing to purchasing your item sight-unseen. We believe Half-Pint consignors ARE the very best and will make this virtual sale as good as the in-person event that we all know and love.

What you need to know:

There is an $11 Consignor Fee. Consignors will be paid 70% of their total sales after the item exchanges take place.  The fee that Half-Pint  collects from the sale helps part of the costs that Half-Pint needs to keep afloat!  From rental and storage space, to communication systems, insurance, etc, Half-Pint Resale uses the funds collected to pay for ongoing and sale-specific expenses.

-Anyone is able to shop!

All purchased items will be prepped and dropped off at the Mandt Community Center in Stoughton on April 24th, by appointment.

-Consignors may list 100 items. and all listings must be $12 or more. We are ENCOURAGING listings of “LOTS” (more than one item grouped together) to make it easier for shoppers, buyers and sellers. Please price in standard Half-Pint prices!

This is the spring/summer sale!  For our online sale only, maternity clothing is welcome.

-Once items are up on the website, there can be NO changes to your price or listing.

-There will be no Half-Price sale.

Listings and purchases:

-You will be allowed ONE photo total for each listing.

-Each listing will include: a category, an item size, a price, your consignor number, and then a final 48 character note to describe your item. We know that this is minimal (but sadly we cannot make any edits to how the system was created).

-During the sale, shoppers will be able to ask consignors questions about your items through a form on our website. Questions will be manually forwarded to you and then you can choose to respond directly to the shopper. You will want to be available by email as much as possible during the sale.

– There will be no returns through Half-Pint Resale. All items are being purchased AS-IS. If there is a problem with the item (broken, etc.) and a return is made, this will happen directly between the consignor and the shopper for the full price of the listing.

The portal is VERY easy to use! You won’t find it difficult to create your listings (just frustrating, perhaps, when trying to stick within the character limits).

Preparing your Items after the Sale:

-After the sale, you will need to add a SOLD tag to your items before you drop them off at the Mandt Community Center.    

-We will send you a list of all of your items that were sold and who bought them within 36 hours of the closing of the online sale.

-You can start prepping your tags prior to the end of the sale, filling out everything but who purchased the item.  You can find a list of the description of the items you are selling in the Consignor Portal.

Sold Tags

Create one tag for each of your sold items/lots.    Either print our template and handwrite the information, OR make your own tag using whatever word processing software you’d like, modeling it after the tag template (please consider the size of the font in the sample when creating your own).  Each tag should be, at the smallest, a half piece of letter-sized paper.

The tag should include

  • Buyer Last Name (this will be on the report we send you after the sale)
  • Buyer First Name
  • Item description (use exact language from your sales listing)
  • Sales transaction number (this will be on the report we send you after the sale)
  • Price of the item/lot
  • Your Consignor number

-When preparing to bring in your items, sort them so that they can easily be distributed into spots on the sale floor designated for the buyer/shopper’s last name (you will be distributing the items yourself so make then easy to carry)  *more about oversized items below

-Make sure that your tag is securely affixed to the item/lot

Drop-Off Instructions:

-Face masks are required anytime you are inside the building.

– Location: All items will need to be dropped-off at the Mandt Center in Stoughton.    When you arrive at the Mandt Center, follow the signs to entrance at the front of the building (facing north).

Timing: Schedule your appointment through the Consignor Portal.  Appointment times are set every 10-minutes in an effort to avoid long lines by staggering people who are checking-in to do drop-off. This will also help to stagger the amount of people moving within the drop-off area at one time. If you are running a few minutes late or a few minutes early, no worries, just come on in.

-Arrival and Checking In:  Once you enter the building with your first trip of items, find the load-in area (in the lobby) and claim a spot as yours to group your items.  *we will not have anyone available to assist you with load-in nor extra carts so please plan accordingly (bring your own wagon/cart/dolly/extra hands).  After all items are loaded into your spot, come to one of the check-in tables.  You will be reading off your items to a volunteer who will remain socially distanced.    NOTE:  if you have large items that you need help unloading you will need to drive those items up to the loading-dock area on the west side of the building (follow signs).  Please wait to do this until after you have unloaded everything else and have finished check-in, as we you may need to wait to get help to unload your item from one of us doing check-in.

Once you are checked-in: Each of your sold items need to be placed in the area designated for the buyer/shopper. Buyers will be organized in alphabetical order. Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes you to drop-off your items really depends on the number of items you have sold. Once your items are distributed you are free to leave.  Thank you for your patience!


We know how much you value Half-Pint and we appreciate the community that we’ve all created together. This sale was designed to help families out during a very difficult year. We hope that you will consider joining us and being part of an important solution for so many in our community!