*Consignor registration is closed.

October 18-21, 2020

We searched most of the summer to find a good online option for hosting our fall sale. In the last few weeks, the system that we use for Consignor Registration released a very simple system that allows consignors to post their items, and an online portal for us to host the item listings.

It’s not perfect – it allows for just a simple posting and just one photo, and nothing about it is ideal. However, it does allow for you, our Half-Pint community, to get your kids items back out into the community, make a few dollars, and hopefully get a few things you need for winter.

This is a pilot sale. We hope that by next year we can shop in person once again, but if we can’t, this Fall’s pilot sale year’s Half-Pint will tell us if we can host future sales in this manner. We really need your help making it a great experience for buyers. Because nothing is in person, we will have limited ability to communicate with our consignors and will not have the ability to screen consigned items before putting them into the sale.

We are relying on our consignors to make this a top notch experience for shoppers (which is why we are limiting this experience to returning consignors). We need you to limit your posting to only your absolute very best items, as buyers will be committing to purchasing your item sight-unseen. We are asking consignors to be the very best that you can be- or this won’t be successful. We believe Half-Pint consignors ARE the very best and will make this pilot sale as good as the in-person event that we all know and love.

What you need to know:

-Only returning consignors may register to consign.
-We are accepting only the first 300 consignors. There is an $11 Consignor Fee. Consignors will be paid 70% of their total sales after the item exchanges take place.
-Anyone will be able to shop
-You will choose whether you want people to come to you to pick up your items or offer delivery (you can limit delivery area to specific Dane County zip codes)
-Consignors may only list 50 items. and all listings must be $20 or more. We are ENCOURAGING listings of “LOTS” (more than one item grouped together) to make it easier for shoppers, buyers and sellers. Please price in standard Half-Pint prices!
-This is the fall sale, so fall/winter items will be accepted.  For our online sale only, maternity clothing and short sleeved shirts are welcome.  Read more here.
-Once items are up on the website, there can be NO changes to your price or listing.
-There will be no Half-Price sale.

Listings and purchases

-You will be allowed ONE photo total for each listing.
-Each listing will include: a category, an item size, a price, your consignor number, and then a final 48 character note to describe your item. We know that this is minimal, but we cannot make any edits to how the system was created.
-Your consignor number will be able to be cross-referenced with a page on our website which will tell shoppers whether or not buyers can pickup at your home (your zip code will be listed) and/or whether you will offer delivery (and if so, to what zip codes).
-During the sale, shoppers will be able to ask consignors questions about your items through a form on our website. Questions will be manually forwarded to you and then you can choose to respond directly to the shopper. You will want to be available by email as much as possible during the sale.
– There will be NO returns through Half-Pint Resale. All items are being purchased AS-IS. If there is a problem with the item (broken, etc.) and a return is made, this will happen directly between the consignor and the shopper for the FULL price of the listing.
-The portal is VERY easy to use! You won’t find it difficult to create your listings (just frustrating, perhaps, when trying to stick within the character limits).


Wednesday, September 23 – More details announced and portal opens.
Wednesday, October 14 – Portal closes for consignor registration AND no more items can be added to the sale
Sunday, October 18 – Online sale opens in morning (time tbd)
Wednesday, October 21 – Sale ends in evening (time tbd)
Friday, October 23 – Consignors are given a list of all purchasers of their items.
Friday, October 23 – Sunday, October 25 – Consignors contact all buyers
Friday, October 23 – Friday, October 30 – All item exchanges complete
Wednesday, November 4 – Consignors receive sale funds through electronic check

We know how much you value Half-Pint and we appreciate the community that we’ve all created together. This sale was designed to help families out during a very difficult year. We hope that you will consider joining us and being part of an important solution for so many in our community!