We’re happy that Half-Pint Resale can not only help families purchase items they need at affordable prices, but that we can also support local charities who serve families and children in our community. The following organizations are supported through the donations from consignors of unsold items, or through other means (such as donations and resource sharing).  Consider supporting these fantastic organizations and make a difference in the life of others.


Kindred Kids

Half-Pint Resale is proud to support the non-profit Kindred Kids out of Colombus, WI.  Kindred kids is a non profit lending library for children with differing abilities. They provide a lending library of toys, books and equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices etc.)

Kindred Kids uses toy, clothing and gear donations in their lending library, as well as to be sold to the general public to raise funds to purchase expensive specialized equipment that is needed for children. Any toys that work for therapy are put into the lending library for the children with differing abilities to borrow for free.

In the past, Kindred Kids has operated their toy sales to raise needed revenue in their facility.  However, to better manage their resources, they have decided to consolidate their sales into a small but mighty sales event, held twice a year in DeForest.

Kindred Kids is located in Columbus, Wisconsin, and was started by a Half-Pint consignor, volunteer, and all–over supporter Wendy Simyab.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at halfpintresale@gmail.com

Mother and Child Resources at Blackhawk Church

Mother and Child Resource Ministry collects gently-used baby items for families in need. The ministry receives referrals from a variety of agencies around Dane county and receives calls from mothers who have a baby on the way and are not prepared. Volunteers deliver boxes of newborn clothes and blankets to hospitals or homes as requested. For information or to volunteer with Mother and Child Resource Ministry, contact Marilyn Beach.

School-Age Parent Program (MMSD)

The School-Age Parent Program (SAPAR) provides a voluntary alternative to students who are pregnant or parenting and wish to continue their education temporarily outside their home schools. Students continue to work toward graduation requirements in addition to learning about pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, women’s health and healthy relationships. At SAPAR, the teachers are caring, knowledgeable, and concerned for pregnant/parenting teens.

This comprehensive, full-day program serves students through age 20 who have not graduated from high school and are residents of the MMSD. Course work is offered in English, social studies, math, computer technology, family and consumer education (reproduction, pregnancy, child development, parenting), and READ 180. Support services are provided. Students generally enroll for one to four quarters.

Other Organizations

Half-Pint supports other organizations throughout the year by donating Gift Certificates and sponsoring events.

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