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Shopping Tips

  • Have your own shopping bags? Please bring them!
  • Only certain kinds of shopping assists (carts, etc.) are allowed during our busiest times (Volunteer Sale, Saturday 8am-Noon). Feel free to bring anything you can carry over your shoulder but if you need additional assistance due to physical limitations, please contact us.
  • Sitting on the floor and sorting items is not allowed. It’s not fair for other shoppers or consignors. Thank you!
  • Bring an outline of your child’s foot so you can tell if shoes (which often vary in size, or are sometimes Euro) will fit your child. Download our shopping cheat sheet!
  • Think Gifts! Watch for items that have their oriignal tags, perfect for gift giving.
  • Remember to come back for the Half-Price Sale to find especially good deals on high quality children’s items. Note: Items that have a green tag on them will not be half-price during the Half-Price Sale. All of these items are over $75. These are the only exceptions (and there are usually only a couple of them), so come back and grab some great prices!
  • Credit Cards are accepted at posted registers for a 2.9% fee. Otherwise, we accept cash and local checks at all registers. Trying our best to keep consignor returns high and money in our community!
  • Hold tables are available! You may place items on the table by filling out a hold note. Hold tables are cleared frequently during the day. During the public sale, items may only be on the table for 90 minutes. Tables are not monitored.


  • While children are allowed at the sale, please be aware that this won’t be your average child-friendly shopping environment (If a child-friendly shopping environment exists…) – with small spaces, a lot of tempting toys and large crowds, the sale might be a frustrating place for small children. During past sales, children have become separated from their adults during busy times at the sale. Children and babies in carriers are ideal!
  • The only type of strollers that are allowed are low-profile umbrella strollers. Volunteers may turn your larger strollers away.
  • Please do not allow your children to use any items that are for sale. In past sales, shoppers have put their children in strollers, exersaucers, etc., or let their children play with toys. And then other shoppers have passed over these items, and in the end they were left unpurchased or even broken. Please be considerate of our consignors and other shoppers!

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!