Shopping Assists

As you are aware, we are extremely limited on space between racks and in aisles on the sales floor. It is dangerous when there are unattended or obstructive shopping carts on the sales floor, as people can easily trip and fall during busy times of the sale when we have hundreds of people trying to shop at once.

To make shopping easier and safer, we are asking people to use acceptable shopping bags/helpers during our busiest times (Friday volunteer sale;  Saturday before noon).

You cannot use, during these times:  4-wheeled wagons, strollers (of any variety), laundry baskets, or bins to shop with. Additionally, all unattended shopping bags/helpers (except those that are temporarily housed in the Hold Area) will be removed from the sale.

Below are acceptable shopping bags/helpers that will be allowed into the sale. Note that the blue IKEA bags can be purchased on Amazon.


Thank you for your cooperation in making this a safe and comfortable experience for all shoppers!