Carrier Breakdown!

Check out this breakdown of different types of carriers and what you may see at Half Pint, thanks to a guest post from Babywearing International Madison.

Onesies and Sleepers

Onies and Sleepers, Oh my!  One of the main areas of questions often concerns Onesies and Sleepers!  Read here to learn more about how to properly prep them for consignment.


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Gender Based Signs at Half-Pint

We agree – kids should be kids, and all kids should love all types of play, all types of colors, all types of clothes.  Find out, then, why Half-Pint still has some gender-based signs.

Total Retail Value

A Half-Pint volunteer breaks it down – how much does volunteering at Half-Pint really save?

Make It Safer

It’s always a good idea to check out the most recent Safety Recalls!  We do our best to pull recalled merchandise, but keep this link handy while you shop.

What do you need this Season?

Have you started making a list of everything you need for the season?  We have printable sheets that we hope can help you organize what you have and what you need.

What Folks are Sayin’

“Half-Pint Resale, you rock my world. Anyone need anything for your kids? Check out the sale in McFarland, The only resale that nails it.” | Colleen P

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