Welcome to Half-Pint Online:  October 18-21, 2020

Because we can’t sell and shop at Half-Pint Resale in person this fall, we’ve created Half-Pint Online to fill the need for buying the items we need for our littles during this difficult time.

Half-Pint Online is a virtual pop-up event taking starting on Sunday, October 18th ad 9AM thru Wednesday October 21st at 9 PM.

While Half-Pint Online doesn’t offer the same flexibility and selection that we all look forward to during the inperson event, we think that Half-Pint Online will give you the ease of shopping safely at home with no-contact pickup or delivery after the sale is over. 

Because this is a unique way to run a consignment sale, we ask that you please read all of the information below before you shop and purchase!

Half-Pint Consignors are listing their best items, and they should be free of stains, rips, etc.  Toys and Puzzles should be complete.  This is a great place to buy and stash away some toys or items for the holiday season and winter months.


How to Shop Half-Pint Online

This is not an ordinary store;  this is a pop-up online consignment sale taking place in the Dane County, Wisconsin area.  Please read all of the information before you shop. Note:  shipping is NOT available for any items.

Click here to shop!

1.  Sale Dates:  This sale opens on Sunday, October 18 at 9am and closes on Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm.

2.  Items:  These items are owned and held by a consignor and are being sold through this platform.  The consignor can be identified by the number listed below the item title/description, which is important to know when determining if the consignor offers pick-up or delivery for the item you are considering.

Items are sold as-is for the price listed.  There is no negotiation or discounts allowed.  You may only purchase these items through this platform.   Item Lots cannot be separated.  All listings are $20 or more.

3.  Questions about items:  If you have a question about a specific item, you may use the Item Question Form to submit your request.  A Half-Pint staffer will forward your question to the consignor with a few hours.  Consignors may answer your question, but are not required to.  Items cannot be held while you are awaiting your answer.

4.  Search:  You may search for items by consignor number, as well as by category, size and description.

5.  Pick-up and Delivery options:  Each consignor chose whether they would be willing to deliver and/or their items are available for pick-up.  This information can be searched by consignor number on the Pick-up and Delivery Look-Up page.

6.  Buy your item:  Having the item in your cart does not guarantee that someone else cannot buy it.  Checking out is the only way to secure the item. There are no refunds or returns.

7.  How get get your items after the sale:  Consignors will contact you by email between October 23 – 25 to arrange pick-up or delivery of your item.  If you have not heard from your consignor by October 26, we will provide you a way to contact us.  Consignors will have your item available for pick-up or or will have delivered your item by October 30.  Please be accessible and available to assist in completing this exchange.

8.  Item problems after the sale:  If you discover your item is defective after pick-up, the consignor is responsible for refunding you the money. This is the only reason that you can expect to receive a refund.

9.  COVID-19 Precautions:  Consignors and Buyers are required to wear masks during the item exchanges.  Item exchanges should be done in a no-contact fashion.  Please help us keep this sale as safe as possible for the entire community.

Shopping Tip:

  • Remember the consignor number from your favorite items from past sales, or find an item and want to find more by that consignor?  Try searching by their Consignor Number ,which will be listed under the item description.


Wednesday, September 23 – Consignor registration opens.
Wednesday, October 14 – Portal closes for consignor registration AND no more items can be added to the sale
Sunday, October 18 (9am) – Online sale opens in morning
Wednesday, October 21 (9pm) – Sale ends in evening (time tbd)
Friday, October 23 – Consignors are given a list of all purchasers of their items.
Friday, October 23-Sunday, October 25 – Consignors contact all buyers
Friday, October 23 – Friday, October 30 – All item exchanges complete
Wednesday, November 4 – Consignors receive sale funds through electronic check