It’s your turn.

In 2007, we founded Half-Pint as a way to make parenting just a tad bit easier. For fourteen years, we’ve cultivated, nurtured, fed and cared for Half-Pint (sound familiar?)

And now, our own Half-Pints have outgrown this resource we created. It’s time for us to find the next owners to love it, grow it and connect it with today’s parents and address today’s needs.

Half-Pint Resale is completely independent and local – no franchise fees, no rules, and no commitments other than ongoing monthly subscriptions to maintain communications and other vital operations.

When you buy Half-Pint Resale, you are starting with a sale that has solid operations and an incredible customer base – and ready to expand with infinite possibilities.  People from all over the region travel to Half-Pint twice a year with a plan to get the things they need and spend the dollars they’ve saved at the sale.  They do it not just because the need to clothe their kids for an affordable price (although that certainly is a factor!), but because they love the feeling of shopping at Half-Pint.  They love the incredible selection.  And they love the community of people.  Read more about what people have told us (unsolicited!) over the years below.

We created this information sheet to help you learn more about the sale and what we think would make a fantastic next Half-Pint Resale owner.  Read it, dream big – and share it with people you know who might love this opportunity.

We are currently conversing with people who have serious interest.  Email us at  We also encourage you to check out your local bank to start learning more about what type of business loan would be best for you.

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“I couldn’t believe this event. We got a Jeep walker for the babe and it matches our real Jeep. She loves it and spends a lot of the day in it. It was ten dollars.” – Christine O.

“My haul from today!! I just LOVE this sale twice a year!! You just simply cannot beat the prices. For 2 kids: A beautiful, hand-crafted wooden shelf (for only $8…SCORE!!), Workbooks, Flashcards, Books, Cars Puzzle, 2 Dance DVD’s and Princess Dance Mat (for our future Actress/Singer!), ‘Girls Rule’ wall decor, Princess Castle Calendar, Sign Language Book and 2 DvD’s, 2 hats and gloves, 27 pairs of pants, 8 long-sleeved onesies, 2 onesies, 2 t-shirts, and 2 jackets, 1 pair of overalls and 1 sweatshirt!! Kids are set until Spring…Thank You, Half-Pint Resale!!!” | Shawna D

‘Even though it’s technically pjs, we like to wear this dress everywhere. It’s “the most awesomest thing I ever got in my entire life!”‘  #hpscore | Kimberly H

“This is the ONLY sale worth attending! High quality items at excellent prices! I have NEVER been disappointed! I will be a customer for life!” | Nicole C

“‘Tis (almost) the season, but I’m not into garage sales. The Half-Pint Resale has been a real relief on my time and budget. I started saving money there five years ago as a shopper and volunteer, and now I’m making money back by consigning! It was one of my favorite discoveries upon becoming a new mom, so I’m always happy and eager to share!” | Nicole R

“Great Sale! Consign/Volunteer then you get first pick’ns before the massive sale. Well worth it. Just don’t take that toy, I saw it first ;)” | Patrick C

“From the time I sign up to volunteer and consign to the time I pick up my bucket, the entire experience is fantastic. Ellen and Lisa run such a great sale for buyers and consigners alike!” | Kelly K

“The selection of clothes, even in the larger sizes (10-12), is fantastic. I’ve shopped and volunteered at this sale since 2009, and it gets better every year. Where else can you buy a complete 2-season wardrobe for your kids in a single location, within a few hours, at a fraction of retail cost? Seriously. It rocks. #halfpintfan” | Beth F

“Waayyyy better then any other consignment sale in the area, seriously. I’ve been 4 times and of the 3 times I’ve only been on the half off day. I scored so much clothes it was ridiculous. I’ve bought books, socks, rockers, clothes, cloth diapers, wet bags and accessories and I’ve never had a issue with quality and it was all at an amazing price. I tell everyone to go to this sale! Keep up the hard work guys!” | Ashley M

“I think this consignment sales is by far the best in Madison, I love bargins and there is such a variety. If you haven’t been to this, your missing out!!!” | Lyneigh R

“I just want to say thank you for everything you do to make this sale such a huge success.  I am so impressed with your organization – from the website to the actual sale itself, everything is so professional and top notch.  It is always a pleasure to consign.  Keep up the great work!!!” | Brenda W

“You guys and your primary team leaders did a beautiful job again, as usual.  Always a highlight of my end-of-summer.  Good energy, friendliness, grace, and stellar organization.  Thank you for always providing a reliable and wonderful event!” | Kathryn K

“Full retail estimated value of the haul: $1032.   Total amount spent? $156.50…  I love the sense of camaraderie during drop-off and the fun conversations while waiting in line.  I truly appreciate being to able to support a homegrown, local resale and being able to shop in a way that aligns with our eco-friendly ethos at home.”  | Robin S

“I got so many cute clothes at the Half-Pint Resale this weekend! I’ve never been so excited to do laundry as I was today. It gave me a chance to go through all my deals.  I literally took home a yard size garbage bag of baby and kids clothes for under $100!  Also, I must say what a great way to celebrate Earth Day this weekend by getting some gently used and extremely cute clothes from other local mammas.” | Christina S

“You were so right! I went to the Half-Pint Resale for the 1/2 off Sunday deals and got over $300 worth of loot for only $38!! Can’t wait to hit up the next sale!” | Shana L

“So in love with the fitted cloth diapers I found at the sale. Was able to get a few brands I would never be able to afford new and they work and fit wonderfully on my boy.” | Joyce D

“Just got my Half-Pint Resale check!! YES… it was worth all of the work. Hmmm, what shall Mommy buy now?!” | Nicole O

“Half-Pint Resale, you rock my world. Anyone need anything for your kids? Check out the sale in McFarland, The only resale that nails it.” | Colleen P

“If Half-Pint were not so fun as a social event, I would say that my friend and I should just bypass all that tagging, etc. The middleman, in this case, is too likable to remove.” | Britt W

“Oh the savings!” | Jenn O

“Scored big at the Half-Pint Resale yesterday and today. A ton of shirts, overalls, pants, sleepers, hiking baby carrier, books and kid ear muffs for his future rock concerts are among my favorite things. Spent about $60 all together and it was well worth it!” | Rachel S

“I am volunteering tonight at Half-Pint cleaning up and shutting down the sale… It’s my duty for all the great stuff I got this weekend!” | Rose Z

“I was at the sale  and just wanted to say how impressed I was on how clean and reasonable priced everything was.  Very well organized and to pay wasn’t to bad of a wait. Looking forward to more sales – . I’ll spread the word!” | Lori H

“Half-Pint – it’s only the best sale in the whole midwest!” | Dannah K

“Thanks again Half-Pint Resale! Scored all 3 kids’ wardrobes for the summer! It is such an awesome sale.” | Karen O

“Garage Sale done – ! It went pretty well, but I don’t see myself doing this again any time soon  – Half-Pint Resale is easier and more profitable.” | Shelby M

“Decided to become a consignor at this spring’s @halfpintresale for the early access to the sale but the check we got today was a nice bonus.” | @popwilleatme via twitter

“For anyone in the Madison area who was debating on consigning their baby/kids stuff at Half-Pint, I cannot stress enough to you to do it! It is so worth the time it takes! I got my check in the mail today and made $403.26!  I made wayyyy more than I spent at the sale and all my stuff found new homes. So jump on the wagon!” | Stacie L

“So excited I had just got my check from Half-Pint Resale it was so worth it!! If anyone had thought of doing a cosigment sale it is worth it!!” | MIchelle F

“Christmas comes twice a year for this label crazy momma!” | Raechel P

“It’s amazing the buzz that’s in the air right before the doors open. And once you get to the checkout line with all your loot, you get this ‘high’ like you just won the clothing jackpot, and you get a calmness about you. I know it sounds crazy..but I experienced it for the second time yesterday.” | Andrea K

“I Love Half-Pint Resale – we got a bike our daughter plus a ton of super cute clothes/shoes for her. We also sold our stroller, a ton of toys and clothes. Feels good to have cleaned out some stuff.” | Jill M

“Used to shop both Half-Pint and the”other” sales in town, and now I just save my money for Half-Pint.  The high quality and amazing selection makes it the best.” | Jean P

“Just moved to Madison last month and stumbled on Half Pint from a flyer at the Co-op… so happy I found it! I found clothes to outfit my 3 year old daughter the whole winter, and for my daughter due in January, too, for $75!  Definitely will be volunteering for the next sale!” | Christin P

“Yeah, the lines can seem intimidating but it moves fast –  plus I always make a new friend or two in the line!” | Molly D

“My mom and I had such and amazing time today. Found some amazing deals for my little princess & my two princes. WOOHOO looove me some 1/2 price shop’n!!” | Dawn T

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