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Parking at Half-Pint

We LOVE the Goodman Community Center. Love it.  But there is one thing that we – and all shoppers, consignors, and volunteers – need to be aware of.  And that’s parking.

First, remember that you can park in the GCC lot – there aren’t a ton of options, but there IS parking.  So take a look!  Second, we do have Loot Valet – for consignors that means you can drop off your stuff right at the door and have a volunteer watch it for you while you go and park your car.  Same for shoppers – buy great stuff, and have someone watch it for you while you go and get your car.  Lickety Split.

So if GCC’s lot is full, there are plenty of other options.

This handy-dandy map gives you everything you need to know.  And of course there is always street parking, which is in abundance, and with the Loot Valet, it’s a quick walk.

We are asking – ok BEGGING – you NOT to park in anything labeled “fire lane” or “no parking” zones, and in the Madison Kipp lot that is right across the railroad tracks from the GCC lot.

We love Goodman Community Center so much that we want them to love us – and all of YOU – right back.


Thanks, we appreciate it!

-Ellen and Lisa

Prizes for Doing Good.

The baby food drive at Half-Pint, benefiting the Goodman Community Center’s Food Pantry, will accept baby food, diapers, formula, and anything else baby.  Let’s face it – we’ll accept anything that will help families in need (so all food items) because that helps babies, too!

Enter to win one of TWO PRIZES by bringing in a donation to the sale!  A $20 gift certificate from Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery and $25 from Absolutely Art, two of our favorite East Side Hangouts  (both worth a visit while you are in the area)!   If you stop in, thank them for supporting the Goodman Community Center and Half-Pint Resale!

-Ellen and Lisa

Half-Pint’s New Location

Half-Pint Resale’s new location!
We’re very sad to be leaving the Labor Temple and are so thankful for their past sponsorship and hospitality.  However, as anyone who has shopped the sale knows, the space was again reaching capacity, and because we want to make the next sale bigger and better and have room to expand, we were again in search for a better (affordable) place to hold the sale.
And we think – well, we KNOW – we’ve found it!  And we’re VERY excited to tell you about it. 
The Goodman (Atwood) Community Center’s beautiful new buildling on Waubesa St. on Madison’s East side is an amazing facility.  It’s history goes back over 100 years, and just a few years back it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I would definetely read through their history – very cool place. 
Anyway, this past year the building was reopened as the Goodman Community Center and it’s AWESOME.  Just beautiful.  And we will be lucky enough to rent out the space in the gymnasium for the next sale (and, hopefully, into the future!).   The partnership, we hope, will go both ways – we hope to do something for the center and those that the GCC serves (you can read more about their mission below and on their website). 
We’ll post more details soon about specific times of the sale, registering to consign, registering to volunteer, etc., but we couldn’t wait to share the news. 
So mark your calendar!
Consignor Drop-off:   Thursday, September 17th
Sale:  Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th
Consignor (optional) Pick-up:  Sunday, September 20th
If you happen to go to the GCC between now and then (and I would recommend it – check out their awesome yummy and locally-sourced cafe – and it’s ON the bike path, so you can get some family fun and exercise in as well), say THANK YOU to any staff and volunteers.  They are going out of their way to make this happen for us and for the community of families who have come to rely on cute and cheap clothing for their Half-Pints
Ellen and Lisa

GCC’s Mission

In fulfilling its mission, the Center facilitates a community atmosphere; identifies and responds to community needs; collaborates with individuals and other agencies to provide help; promotes recreational and cultural events; and creates and coordinates meeting space, programs, information and services that reflect the community’s ethnic and economic diversity.

The Goodman Community Center is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization. In keeping with our mission, we:

  • Help build a sense of community among neighborhood residents
  • Provide opportunities for social activities, education, social development and nourishment to at-risk children
  • Provide opportunities for social activities, education, social development, and nourishment to older adults
  • Provide short-term emergency food relief
  • Organize and sponsor community events for education, socializing and celebration
  • Organize and offer volunteer opportunities
  • Help community groups organize and seek assistance from government officials, businesses and social service agencies
  • Provide space for individuals and groups to meet, learn and celebrate
  • Provide information about community issues, people and events
  • Refer people requesting assistance to appropriate individuals and agencies