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Purging and Sorting Weekend

Anyone else take inventory of their stuff this weekend?  We had piles of shoes strewn over the living room and my kids took a trip down memory lane as they imagined how old they were when they wore the different pairs of shoes.  Me?  I was shocked about how many pairs of shoes we owned.  Then again, my eldest has gone through TEN sizes of shoes in his short 6 years, and with winter and summer and boots…  That’s a lot of shoes.

Thanks goodness for Half-Pint!

Next week I tackle clothing (and toys after the kids have gone to bed).  Anyone else purging and sorting and taking inventory of your needs for spring and summer? Don’t forget to print out our hand Inventory Cheat Sheets.  Remember, too, to trace your kids’ feet on the back so you’ll know if those awesome Euro shoes are the right size.  (You won’t want to miss out on boots like these!).


Never fear, the SHOE graph is here.

I love European shoes. But as much as I try and keep up with what euro size my kids are wearing, I inevitably find myself trying to remember how it all matches up.   And my spacial reasoning ain’t good enough to take a look at the shoe and say “Hey!  That’s my kid’s size.”  And since my kid’s feet grow like weeds, there is a good chance I haven’t even Looked at whether their shoes fit since an entire size ago.

Can YOU keep track of these things?

So today, I put on my list for the evening “sort out shoes”.  With garage sale season in full swing and Half-Pint not that far away – not to mention a kid in school (eek!) for the first time and a now-two-year-old whose feet are not growing in sync with his older brother –  well, it needed to be done.

So here I am right now, with piles (and bags) of shoes on my table – I’d show you, but it’s too embarrassing.  Some in Euro sizes, some in US sizes, and some in sizes that don’t make sense at all.   New-to-me shoes in bags and boxes and current shoes laying out in their dirty stinky glory for comparison.    But even after all of that comparing, I needed more info.   So I went off to the good ole’ internets to find me a chart, and voila, wikipedia gave me the GOODS.

So awesome that I HAD to share it with you.  Just click here and you’ll see more than you Ever (i promise) wanted to know about sizing feet and shoes.   But keep scrolling down, and holy cats, you’ll hit the motherload of charts.  I’m printing one and putting in my purse T-O-D-A-Y.  Never again will I run across the Japanese shoes and think “these numbers look vaguely similar to Euro sizing, but it absolutely isn’t the same.”  Oh, this HAS happened to me (at Half-Pint, actually!).

Of course, the never fail way to do it is to just trace your kids foot on a piece of paper, which we talk about in our Bargain Cheet Sheets.  That’s our recommended fail-safe way, because you know how these shoe companies work.  They even change their OWN SIZING mid stream!   As if we didn’t already have enough information about our children’s growing patterns in our brain.

But alas, remember my kid’s have weeds for feet.  So, if you’re like me, Happy graph oogling-


These boots are made for Stompin’

So I took my own advice and traced my Half-Pint’s foot before I went on a major garage saleing trip a weekend back.  And wadd’ya know, it’s a good thing that I did!  We were frantically picking up good deals (and I mean FRANTICALLY), and Lisa said “Check out these boots!  What is a size 120?” 

Good Question, what IS a size 120?  Perhaps that was the model number of the boot (with no size to be found), perhaps it was a size in an unknown sizing scheme (I know my euro sizing and that was NO euro size!) 


Truth be told, the boots were so cute I probably would have purchased them to give to another mom (and they would have been oh-so-lucky) – couldn’t pass up something like this in SUCH good shape when they were only $5.  But had I been on the end of my cash stash for the garage-sale adventure, I may have had to make some last minute important decisions. 

And my special handy-dandy paper foot-sizer  would have told me “BUY ‘EM”! 

My little Half-Pint couldn’t be happier.  This momma is pretty happy, too.

Don’t forget to send us examples of your thrifty finds using your handy printable cheat sheet.  Go on, you know you want to brag about your awesome deals!


Check out the awesome vintage space station I picked up as well.

Check out the awesome vintage space station I picked up as well.