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Half-Pint Loot Parade

We picked the winners at random, which is good, cause I just loved looking through all of the good stuff people got.  It was fun to point things out (hey, those were my kid’s shoes!)(wow, i didn’t see that shirt – so awesome!)(whoa, that was an awesome find!).

But here they are.  If we drum up some more good Half-Pint stuff, we’ll pick some more winners.  We also are working on working up some great tees since a couple of you have mentioned that they might be fun to wear.    Any screen printers out there who want to help us with design (we’ve got the printer all lined up).  A free tee and some other compensation could await you!

And here they are:

Nicole Johnson’s Loot, winner of the Digital Frame.

Leigh Schmidt’s Loot, winner of a Half-Pint bag.

Erin Heller’s Loot, winner of a Half-Pint goody.

Molly Michel’s Loot, winner of a Half-Pint goody.

Congrats, everyone!

Ellen and Lisa

Be Planet-Wise – and WINNERS announced!

Because one of the fabulous businesses that displayed at Half-Pint didn’t come on board until a few days before the sale (and because we were swamped with last minute to-do lists), we weren’t able to tell you about them then.  But we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make sure you know about Planet Wise!

Planet Wise Inc. is a local company that takes pride in their Made in the USA, Reusable, Earth-Friendly Products.  Their Reusable, Waterproof Wet-Bags are especially helpful at the swimming pool for your wet swimsuits assuring that everything else in your bag stays dry.  Also, they can be used for dirty diapers!  (We even heard someone say that they use them as a reusable-baggie for snacks at work!)

My Swim Baby is a sister company of Planet Wise, and is located only 20 minutes from Madison.  They sell everything for your sun and water baby including but not limited to, Sunglasses, UV Protective Shirts, Swim Shoes, Sun Hats, Swimsuits and Reusable Swim Diapers.

You may have seen their 10% off coupons at the sale (hope you grabbed some – awesome deal!)   But they also have a prize in our giveaway – one of their great wetbags AND a swim diaper!


We have them!    We’ll be emailing all of you-lucky-folk individually, but here are your intials:

Business Display Winners:  EO, JJ, AG, MF, JR and CH

Food Drive Winners:  NV, and TM

Half-Pint Gift-Certificate Winner (for signing up for our Email List):  JM

Coming Soon!

We’ll be emailing soon about checks (for all of you fabulous consignors!), and about the unveiling of our new website at the beginning of May!  And don’t forget to continue posting the pictures of your Loot on Facebook (we love seeing them!)!  Post (and tag us) until April 28th, and we’ll pick winners for some Half-Pint Loot!

-Ellen and Lisa

Half-Pint Give-aways: Sprouting Change One-Size Diaper

Almost better than finding great new clothing and items for my little sprouts, signing up for the giveaways at the sale is one of my favorite parts of Half-Pint.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be posting about all of the different goodies you can throw your hat in the ring for.

First?  From the Willow Store (a Verona, WI owned and operated company!)

A Sprouting Change *NEW* One-Size Diaper!   From the website – “Sprouting Change one-size diapers are truly innovative. Unlike anything else on the market, our diaper system is the easiest, most user-friendly option available. Anyone can figure out how to change baby, and the diaper fits just right, every time! Our unique Sleeve and Inside combination makes for lightning fast diaper changes and a minimal investment. You truly can affordably cloth diaper your baby in the most absorbent, softest of organics. From birth to potty, Sprouting Change is the perfect fit your your little one.”  These diapers fit babies 5 pounds to 40 pounds!

So make sure when you’re at the sale, make sure you hit the informational tables and throw your hat in the ring!


We have Early Registration Winners!

So excited to announce:

DK, a returning consignor,  registered early (all of the way back on February 25th) and was picked randomly by the random.org generator as the WINNER of the “Half-Hour Early” Presale pass and will be shopping on Friday, April 9th at 9:30am (a half hour before the Volunteer Pre-Sale begins).

LR and YJ, new consignors, both found out about Half-Pint from Moms In Madison and were picked randomly by the random.org generator.  They will both have their consignor fees waived AND will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to the upcoming sale!

We’re so lucky to have such fabulous consignors!

Interested in consigning?  Registration is still open!

-Ellen and Lisa

We have winners!

There were so many wonderful give-aways at the sale two weeks back, and we wanted to list the winners here.  You will hear directly from the business regarding your prize!   Thanks to everyone for checking out our resource tables!

Happy Bambino

Happy Bambino

$20 Gift Certificate to Half-Pint (for bringing in a donation to the Goodman Community Center) – Xenia S.

$200 Gift Card for the Happy Bambino Webstore – Kate M.

Tupperware Package – Susan C.

Swim East Session – Jamie C.

60 Minute Massage from Belly –   Kristin Y.

T-Shirt from Belly – Katy W.

$100 Gift Certificates from Nicki’s Diapers – Kate and Kim

Gift Baskets from Nicki’s Diapers – Kelly and Angela