Printing good labels

It’s important that you have good labels.  Scanned labels are accurate labels! If the tag doesn’t scan, your item will be typed in by hand, which slows us down, lengthens the wait time for customers that you want as repeat customers, and is prone to entry error.

Here are some thoughts on how to make good labels:

  • Don’t print to “Fit”. You want to print “Actual Size”. If you print to “Fit”, the labels may become so big that they extend off of the labels, or become too fuzzy to scan.
  • If your labels end up partially off the sticker, what is most important is that the full width of the barcode, the price, and the consignor number
  • Don’t print in color. When several colors overlap to make black, the barcode doesn’t scan well.
  • If you look at your printed label, and it looks at all fuzzy, it likely will not scan. Please reprint. If it is still fuzzy, find another printer. Laser printers are generally clearer printers than inkjets.
  • Barcodes should be printed on white!  Do not use colored labels or paper.
  • You cannot copy your barcodes more than once.  So for example:
    • If you print your barcodes directly on labels, and put the labels on tag templates, which you then copy to use as your tags, ALWAYS copy from the original version with the stickers. Never copy a copy.
    • If you print your barcodes on paper, cut them out, tape them to a tag template, which you then copy to use as your tags, ALWAYS copy from the original version with the taped barcodes. Never copy a copy.
  • If you prefer to type your labels, you can make a spreadsheet and mail merge it on top of a picture of the labels – for experts of these programs (eg, Excel and Word) only!

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