Robin’s story

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Our Fall Half Pint Haul Final Tally is a new record for us in savings. I was able to purchase 12 books, a Baby Cie dish set, 2 pairs boots, 22 pairs big girl underpants, 1 Party in My Tummy game, 1 pair blue suede shoes, another leopard faux fur coat (it’s a tradition now), 1 winter coat, 2 pairs snow pants, a handmade quilt, a doctor’s dress up outfit, wool mittens, 2 dresses, 12 shirts, 3 pair pants, 2 sweaters, 2 hoodies, 2 pairs of fuzzy pajamas, and an umbrella stroller (not pictured.) And, an Elvis pink motorcycle jacket!!! So many good brands in here, too: Gymboree, Hannah Andersson, Gap, Fresh Produce, Land’s End, etc.  Full retail estimated value of the haul: $1032 Total amount spent? $156.50  #hpscore

I can remember going with my sister to one when she was pregnant with my nephew.  We’ve been consigning and shopping for six sales now! It is by far the smoothest and easiest process compared to other consignment options. I’ve made it my little tradition between Half Price morning and bin pickup to do that “what it would cost at full retail” tally.  The results have been pretty astounding each time ($550 worth of stuff for about $90, $725 in stuff for about $92, $800 worth of stuff for about $134). 
I love the sense of camaraderie during drop-off and the fun conversations while waiting in line.  I truly appreciate being to able to support a homegrown, local resale and being able to shop in a way that aligns with our eco-friendly ethos at home.  As Emma grows, she gets to learn the value of money and how to be thrifty in a fun way.  When I came home from the consignor sale on Friday, she was thrilled to see “A bag of treasure for me!  Oooh-la-la!”  If I consign about as much as I spend, it’s like the ultimate recycling circle!”

-Robin S