Fall Half-Pint: September 15-17

Registration is open!

I recently realized that our upcoming September sale falls on Rosh Hashanah! If this affects your family, please accept my apologies and reach out to me at halfpintresale@gmail.com, for an option to shop before Rosh Hashanah starts.

Madison Area's Largest Children's Consignment Sale

Consignment shopping for pregnant moms, expecting parents, and young families, featuring items of all types for ages 0 – 12.

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For our Consignors

Guidelines on what can be sold and when, as well as quantity limits so your items are not rejected during drop-off.

Everything you need to know about how to consign and tag your items.

Pick up drop off only

Information about how and when to drop off and pick up your items.

Overview of consigning

Click here to learn all about the benefits of consigning and get links to everything you need to make it happen! Click here to read the one page Quick How-to Guide!

Become a Volunteer

One of the best benefits of volunteering is that you get to shop before everyone else. Does your child only wear soft pants (with no prints, zippers, buttons, or snaps)? Mine does, and sorting through picked-over racks never leaves enough of the very few pants he will wear. Volunteers get to see the largest selection. 

There are volunteer opportunities to fit everyone’s preferences. Help get the word out on your own time by canvassing. Sign up for an evening shift. Or sign up for two shifts and be someone’s best friend by getting a second pass to the pre-sale.

Half-Pint Community

Half-Pint’s mission is to create a community where people can raise their families in an affordable, sustainable, and healthful way. We hope one or more of those resonates with you! We can’t wait to meet you!