Quick How-to

We get it, you’re busy, and don’t have time to read the whole How to Consign page, or watch the videos. For those of you who need the must-know information and only the must-know information, here’s your quick how to consign guide! When you do have time, we encourage you to read the How to Consign page, or at least our more detailed guide so that you know all the ins and outs. 

Step 1: Register to consign

If you’ve never consigned before:

    • Sign up here.
    • Watch the video to right for step by step instructions, or
    • read the tutorial here.

If you’ve consigned before, sign up here.

Step 2: Print Tags and Barcodes

Tags are here

Barcodes are printed from your consignor portal, accessed here. If you are printing on stickers, use Avery 5160 or similar stickers. Watch the video to right for step by step instructions, or read the tutorial here

If you think you might forget to attach the barcode, write your consignor number/price on the tag when you prepare it. You can even handwrite your number in the barcode area before making copies of the tags so all your tags have at least a consignor number. Without a consignor number somewhere on the tag, you WILL NOT be paid.

Step 3: Get everything ready

Lay out all the supplies you need:

Step 4: Tag everything

Every item needs a tag with a barcode. If you want to donate the item after the sale, leave the D as is. Cross out the D if you want the item back after the sale. Other fillable areas of the tag are to be used at your discretion. More information will help reunite any tags that fall from the item (while infrequent, this does happens every sale), and you can also use these spaces to communicate information like “high quality European brand name!”

When determining if something needs to be on a hanger or not, refer back to that item prep list you got out in step 3 – some worn items are in bins, others on racks!

Make sure the hangers look like question marks when looking at the front of the clothing, or they will be rejected. 

Prep items only for the current season, and do not sell cribs, stuffies, bike helmets, car seats, or sports/location specific clothing (with the exception of professional Wisconsin sporting teams, and Badger gear). 

Step 5: Drop everything off, Shop, and Pick up anything not being donated

You will get an email the week of the sale with more details. Check our Upcoming Sale page for dates and times, but in general, drop off is most of the day Thursday and pickup for anything you don’t want donated is Sunday evening. Our Day of Logistics page has information in the meantime. 

Step 6: Wait 10 or less days for your check

It will be emailed to the address you signed up with.

Step 7: Repeat!