So you want to join the Half-Pint community but aren’t sure how? Or maybe you’ve already made the leap but need help figuring something out? Look no further! We are in the middle of developing videos to help explain the A to Zs of Half-Pint (thank goodness for local mom and consignor Emily at Scrap Paper, who directed these videos, because I am NOT a natural at being in front of a camera) – check out what we have below and reach out if you have videos you’d like to see us make!

How to Register as a New Consignor

Ready to sign up to consign at Half-Pint for the first time? This video will walk you through exactly where to click, and get you registered super quick!

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How to Create and Print Barcodes

So you’ve decided to consign! Brilliant! Next step, barcodes. Barcodes are the key to you getting paid! 

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How to Tag and Hang Shirts or Dresses

Feeling overwhelmed about getting started preparing the items you’re consigning? This video will talk through ways to tag and hang shirts or dresses.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Consigning

Wondering what you can and cannot sell? Looking for some frequently asked for tips about how to consign? This video will hit some of the main dos and don’ts of consigning!

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