Volunteer Descriptions

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Welcome to the Half-Pint crew! Whether you’ve done it before, or you’re new to this, we are thankful to have you – you are the reason this sale works! All volunteers are invited to shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale (see the Upcoming Sale page for date and times). Volunteer passes are good for one adult entry.

Each shift is 3 hours and 15 minutes long. The first and last 15 minutes of your shift will overlap with another shift to facilitate hand off. Please show up for your shift early, so you are in place when your shift starts. There will be a volunteer lead who will help make sure you know where to be, and what to do. 

Below are descriptions of shifts; please read about the shift you’ve signed up for prior to the sale so that you know what you will be doing.

Volunteer Leads

If you’ve volunteered before and know what needs to be done, we could use you as a volunteer lead. Leads are assigned to high intensity or complex areas where there tends to be a lot of need for triage and problem-solving.  Leads are generally people who are very fmailiar with the functions in the area where they are assigned and can problem-solve independently or brief the Volunteer Coordinator to get direction. This position receives a Half-Pint gift card, and works a double shift.

Canvassing (flyers)

Canvassing helps us get the word out about the sale. You will be assigned a canvassing zone to cover, and be expected to put up fliers at 15 drop-off locations per zone – during a very specific week. You will picking up a canvassing kit that includes all of the materials needed for covering your assigned zone. The zones include the locations to target, however if one is closed or no longer accepts fliers, you are expected to find an alternate location and let us know so we can update the plan for the next sale. Note: This opportunity is not contained in the same system as opportunities during the sale, and you will have to follow this link.

Canvassing (Daycares)

This is an absolutely critical volunteer role. We want to get the word out about Half-Pint to area licensed daycares and pre-schools. Liasons will be responsible for connecting with 6 daycares/pre-schools. We have a suggested list, but if you know of others, they can be added. You will need to contact the center and get confirmation that materials can be delivered for Half-Pint, pass on how many materials should be provided for each location, pick them up, and deliver them during a very specific week. Note: This opportunity is not contained in the same system as opportunities during the sale, and you will have to follow this link.

Unloading (Wednesday)

All our sale equipment needs to be unloaded from our U-haul, and set up on the sales floor. This involves heavy lifting, and children are not allowed. 

SetUP of Sales Floor (Wednesday)

Racks, tables, and signage need to be set up and staged. Children are not allowed. This can be a lot of physical labor and heavy lifting, so you must be in a physical condition to help with this type of activity. If you are pregnant, this is probably not the job for you. 

Check-in (Thursday)

You will be assigned to help check-in our consignors in one of three areas: scheduled appointments (those who have a large amount to drop off), general public, and big items. This is fast paced work, and you will have to make decisions that the consignor won’t love from time to time – but we will be there to help when needed! Please make sure you know and understand our consignor guidelines and limits. We will have printouts to assist.  

Sales Floor ORganizing (Thursday)

Are there more cloth diapers than expected, and less shoes? Switch tables around until there is enough space. Clean up any clutter, and make the sale ready to shop. 

Scanning/Checkout Assistance/Big GeaR

Volunteers may move around between these three jobs during the shift, but can always ask to stay at one, or not do one in particular.

Checkout helpers prepare items for the scanner and help bag things for the customer. The scanner works to scan each barcode on our point of sale system. During slower periods, the scanner will not have a helper and will do both jobs.

Big Gear volunteers help shoppers fill out Large Item Forms and instruct them on how to purchase these bigger items. When shoppers come back to pick up items, you will help them find their items and ensure that barcodes are available to scan.

If things are slow, you may be asked to help tidy the floor, or look for items to rematch with their orphaned tags.

Detagging/Large Item Assistance

You will be assigned to either the pre-checkout lines, where you will work with a teammate to pull tags from items and calculate the final cost to the customer, or the the large items area, where you will help customers who have decided to purchase one of our large items. These jobs are very fast moving customer facing jobs. Some of the shifts (late Saturday!) are good ones if you want to wear your baby while volunteering. 

Extra Support

During our busier times of the sale, we have a few volunteer slots that are not assigned to roles prior to the sale, and help wherever help is needed. Volunteered before and know what you’re doing? This might be a good role for you. 

Tear Down and Sorting

These jobs are very fast paced. You will be taking unsold items and sorting them back into consignor bins, and/or taking down racks to load into the storage pod. We never know how many items will be left over, so this can come down to the wire, as consignors are waiting to pick up their items. As such, it is one of our very important roles, and no children are allowed.