Canvassing Opportunities

CLOSED for Spring! Contact us directly at if you can help in Janesville!

Half-Pint Resale is fully back! We are are super excited about it – BUT – with a two year hiatus from the big event, we need your help now more than ever to get the word out. Not only has Half-Pint been on a break, but we have moved to a new location. We need to really GET THE WORD OUT! Our canvassing volunteers & daycare/pre-school liaisons are the advance crew that will breathe life back into Half-Pint. We need you to help us make this happen.


Half-Pint is successful for everyone because of our awesome volunteers. When we are short volunteers, it affects the entire sale. Please make sure that you are able to commit to distributing our canvassing materials before you sign up. We will prepare a canvassing kit for you based on the area that you sign up to canvass. It is expected that you will distribute all of your canvassing materials in a timely fashion based on the schedule along with your canvassing area assignment. There are two types of canvassing opportunities, explained further below.


All volunteers are invited to shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale on Friday, April 29th, from noon to 8pm. Volunteer passes are good for one adult entry.


April 6 through April 8: Canvassing kits are ready, and available for pickup.
April 9 through April 16: Canvassing must be done any time during this period.


Please fill out your contact information below and select your top 4 choices for canvassing zone from the list, OR select to box to be a daycare/pre-school liaison. After you submit the form, Angie will get back to you to confirm your selection.



Canvassing helps us get the word out about the sale. You will be assigned a canvassing zone to cover, and be expected to put up fliers at 15 drop-off locations per zone – during the very specific week identified above. You will picking up a canvassing kit that includes all of the materials needed for covering your assigned zone. The zones include the locations to target, however if one is closed or no longer accepts fliers, you are expected to find an alternate location and let us know so we can update the plan for the next sale. Some areas have more than 15 locations listed, in which case you can choose where to go. Some hav less than 15 locations already scoped out, and in these cases, you are asked to scope out the additional locations. Areas marked with the * have not been scoped out at all; you will be asked to find 15 locations and report back.

We will do our very best to match you with one of your top 4 choices. If we find that your top 4 choices are no longer available we will offer you an alternate zone and you will have an opportunity to reject the offered spot and retract your offer to canvass at that time. Once you have been matched with a zone, you will receive an email indicating the zone that is assigned to you along with instructions on what to do next.

Please select 4 choices from the Canvassing Zones listed above. If it says NO LONGER AVAILABLE, that choice is full. If you would like to identify order of preference, you can do that in the box below. We are open to new zones, if you feel there is an area we should target that we are not currently listing. Feel free to contact us at any time, at


This is an absolutely critical volunteer role. We want to get the word out about Half-Pint to area licensed daycares and pre-schools. Liasons will be responsible for connecting with 6 daycares/pre-schools. We have a suggested list, but if you know of others, they can be added. You will need to contact the center and get confirmation that materials can be delivered for Half-Pint, and pass on how many materials should be provided for each location.