How to Sell

Prepping your items

How to Tag and Hang Shirts and Dresses

Click for a PDF with detailed explanations to most every question we get – the how-to of barcodes, tags, hangers, etc; how to make them, how to use them, and how to display your items. OR (more being planned), pick a dedicated video to watch! Plus, check out the links below for lots more information you might be interested in, including links to the tagging template which you’ll need to print, and the system for creating barcodes.

Six to a page. Print ’em and attach ’em. Note that these were updated for the Spring 2023 sale, but old versions can still be used!

We can’t count puzzle, game, or building kit pieces during check-in, so we are relying on you to do it and then confirm in writing!

I have personally checked in a consignor where I had to reject more than half her items for these holes. I felt so terrible – don’t make this mistake!

From start to finish, here’s a simple one page PDF of how to consign and a quick how-to webpage

Aim for 30% of what you could buy that item for new. This pricing guide is a work in progress.

We have limited space, so we have some limits on how many items each person can bring.

Everything you need to know to make sure your items will make it smoothly through check-in. Click for the PDF or watch the video!

Log-in to the consignor system to print more barcodes for your labels or watch a how-to video on barcodes!

Welcome to the Half-Pint Resale!

If you are new to the sale, the email that the system sent you will give you your consignor number. Please be sure to write this number and the password you created somewhere safe, as it will be the number (and account login information) that you will use in tagging your items for this, and any future sale you participate in (as a consignor or volunteer) –  it’s yours to keep forever.  

We are glad you have decided to join us and we hope that this adventure will prove to be both fun and profitable for you!  Keep in mind that our goal is that our website is your one-stop spot for all information regarding consignment.

We know that consignors have a LOT of items they are excited to sell!  Because we also have limited space, please watch the consignor limits to make sure you won’t have items turned away. Please bring your absolute best.

We know there is a lot of information, so we’ve distilled the most important tidbits into the links at the top of the page, and the links on the top of the What to Sell page. There is also the quick how-to page available.


Your success as a consignor relies on the look, feel, and ease of the sale experience for the buyers.  For this reason we have created a fairly detailed tagging/pricing process for all resale items.  While the tagging and packaging might seem like a lot of work, we hear first-hand from shoppers how enjoyable the shopping experience is as a result.  Shoppers who have attended our sale have mentioned how organized things are and how easy it is to quickly determine price and sizing.  Items always sell faster if they are easy to see and in good quality.

The tagging system is simple: you will be printing out barcodes onto sticky labels that will be encoded with a specific price and your consignor number, and then those labels will be affixed to your tags. You then finish filling out the tag and affix it to the clothing. This can all be done away from your computer (and in front or your TV :)). For more details, read a step by step guide for tagging and accessing the barcode template, visit the quick how-to page, or watch some tutorials

  • We like tagging to be as easy as possible for our consignors. We also want to make our systems as efficient as possible. To make tagging more flexible, instead of using a complete online system, we now are using a “hybrid” system where barcodes are made and then printed on labels to coincide with a specific price and your number. Barcodes are then affixed to your tags.
  • Barcoding is good for you as a consignor for the following reasons: Increased accuracy at checkout (no worries about your handwriting!), increased accuracy at Data Entry (no room for even the smallest of human error), potentially quicker checks with less to reconcile post sale.
  • Tags should be printed/copied on standard white copy paper (the cheap stuff is fine!)
  • Barcodes are printed by logging into our online registration site from the consign page.
  • It’s easy: Read all about the barcoding system as well as all of the ins and outs of tagging in our tagging guidelines.
  • Copying barcodes: Many consignors like to make “templates” of their barcodes and then copy those templates. The rule of thumb is a barcode can be COPIED ONCE. OK: Printed labels are affixed to a tag template and then that tagging template is copied (always from the original). OK: Labels are printed on paper and then COPIED onto labels (always from the original). NOT OK: Labels are printed, then copied onto labels, and then these labels are copied. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Using barcodes from a past sale: As long as you were not contacted with a “your barcodes don’t work” email, feel free to use barcodes from previous sales, as long as you are using your same consignor number. NOTE:  you must register for each sale – even if you already have barcodes, no exceptions. If you show up for a sale with barcodes but have not registered, your items will not scan at checkout and all your sales will be entered toward the 100 code consignor – which is the code used to split proceeds among all registered consignors.


  • The more you sell, the more money you make! While you should price your items for what they are worth, price to sell to get the biggest check!
  • As a guideline, we suggest you price an item at 25%-30% of what you purchased it for if it is still in very good resalable condition. Think about what you would like to pay. We do have an always-in-work pricing guideWe reserve the right to turn away or pull from the floor any item that we feel is priced too high for the sale. 
  • All items must be priced at a MINIMUM of $2. You may group (securely please!) smaller items together. Prices should be in whole dollar amounts ONLY (no cents).  
  • Any toy or book under $5 may be rejected. To keep the sale full of high quality items that people want to shop for, we do not accept small, cheap items (think fast food meal toys, dollar store stocking stuffers, etc). Similarly, small single books are usually passed over by shoppers. Please group (securely please!) desirable, high quality, but lesser-valued items together.
  • Items MUST be properly tagged following the tagging guidelines.
  • During the Half-Price sale ALL items will be sold at half-price, except items over $75 for which the tags are printed on green paper. We do not offer a “no discount option” except for items over $75.
    • If you mark your non $75+ items with green tags, you will be assessed a $20 fee.
    • Have an item that you are pricing for $75 or more? Items that are $75 or more are eligible to have a NON-HALF-PRICE tag.  The tag must be green (either printed on green paper or colored with a green highlighter). Please also indicate on the tag “Not Half-Price”. Remember, though, that most of our shoppers at the half-price sale are return shoppers looking for a good deal. If your item is unsold by the half-price sale, your item will most likely not sell – so price it to move!

You are Ready to Consign!

See the Day-of Logistics page for details on dropping off and picking up your items.

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  1. I am having trouble finding out exactly the seasonal guidelines for this sale and I am a first time consignor. Are you only accepting spring and summer clothing?


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