What to Sell


We have a space to try on clothing and two racks just for maternity. 

We have limited space, so we have some limits on how many items each person can bring. 

Cloth diapers (those that are reasonably unsoiled) welcome! Read this first to make sure yours won’t be rejected.

Are no longer accepted. Read this to learn why.

Are no longer accepted. Read this to learn why.

Everything you need to know to make sure your items will make it smoothly through check-in. Click for the PDF or watch the video!

The Long and Short of it

Except for maternity items, each Half-Pint sale has a seasonal focus, so be sure to read through the guidelines to help determine what items can be sold at this sale and what items you need to save for the next sale.  Keep in mind the goal of our sale is to provide a resource to community members who are looking to purchase quality good-to-excellent-conditioned clothing, toys and gear. This sale is designed to be an alternative to purchasing new and scouring shops for good deals, without having to sacrifice quality or condition. Obviously, most of your items will be used – and that is fine! This is a great chance to find new homes for items that have more life in them.

Above all, items need to be clean, odor free, current styled, quality items for pregnant mammas or kids ages 0-12 in excellent condition. Please look closely though your items for stains, holes, worn knees, missing buttons, broken zippers, smell of must/smoke/etc., as they will be turned away during check-in, in order to keep this a high quality sale.

Aim to price items at 25-30% of what you could buy that item for new. Pricing items to move means you sell more items and get a bigger check! See our pricing guide, which is based on 30% of the average cost of different types of new clothing and is always a work in progress. 

Some things we've Noticed

Every sale, we seem to have a lot of items left in the Newborn to 12 month section. We seem to get more of these types of items, and unfortunately, people buy less of these items (the kids grow so fast and hardly use these items;  plus, it’s the size that most people don’t BUY much of since they often get it as gifts).  Please consider only consigning your absolutely best and most unique of these items.  Leave the well-loved sleepers and outfits at home, and bring us your best brands, cutest outfits, and most unique items.

We’re super happy to continue to also have items for bigger kids (up to age 12). Make sure when you are gathering items to consign to also think about sporting equipment, gaming items, books for older children, etc.  These items are in HIGH DEMAND by shoppers!  Clothing MUST be children’s clothing (not small-sized adult clothing).  Rack area available up to size 14/16.

Some Fine Print

  • We accept cloth diapers; see above link regarding stains
  • We do not accept breast pumps; see above link for details
  • We accept nursery furniture, but NOT cribs; see above link for details
  • We accept baby carriers (slings, etc). We have experts in baby carrying who will pull carriers that are deemed unsafe or have been recalled. They will also be available at different times throughout the sale to help show you how to use the slings (see timing on Upcoming Sale Information page). 
  • We accept high quality toys without any missing parts (including children’s books, puzzles, etc). All toys and books should be at least $5. If your item is not worth $5, we may reject it in order to maintain a high quality sale.
  • We are unable to accept
    • Items that are for the wrong season
    • Items that are out of our size range (Newborn to size 14/16)
    • Car seats and bike helmets
    • Stuffed animals
    • Pacifiers 
    • Battery operated toys/equipment without working batteries installed. Any item that does not work will be taken out of the sale. 
    • Stained, torn, overly-worn, faded, or out-of-date items
    • Items that are broken or have missing parts
    • Items that are not tagged properly
    • Any item that has been subject to recall or contains lead and/or phylates
    • Multiple of the same exact item (purchased in bulk for the purpose of reselling)

Half-Pint organizers and volunteers have the right to turn away clothing for any reason, and especially watch for items that are out-of-date.