Breast Pumps

It was a wonderful thing when insurance started covering breast pumps for all those mamas out there, whether you need to go to work, or just need a break. However, now that breast pumps are typically procured at no cost, no one is buying used ones at a price. In the past this has created a lot of waste for Half-Pint, which runs on a tight budget and timeline. For this reason, we will no longer sell breast pumps. We will continue to take accessories, but note that we will not take tubing.

Babies and Beyond is the only organization that I have found that still takes donated breast pumps. I know that there is some controversy around their organization; whether or not to donate to them is each person’s decision. Many shops such as Goodwill and St. Vinny’s will not take them, but you can always try Facebook Marketplace or Freecycle sites.