We are so excited to announce that we will have an expanded maternity section starting in Fall 2022! We will have a changing room with a mirror and try-on belly bump, and are busy making a new rack to store all the clothes.

Please consign any and all maternity clothes – pants, dresses, coats, shirts, etc for any size! We will have a big rack for clothes so please hang and tag your clothes like you do for children’s items (see our guide!), and an over the door rack of hooks (like the kind you’d have in a bathroom for towels, but more hooks) for belly bands. Since pregnancies are so short, and everyone is at a different place in a different season, we will accept all clothing regardless of the season. And spread the word to all those mammas-to-be out there to buy gently used maternity clothes and get twice as many outfits for less money than buying new!

I’ve kept a few of my maternity pants in a regular rotation (those elastic bands are so comfy!!), but so much of it was worn for a few months and shelved. I hope they can find a new life, and that yours can too!