Consignor Limits

We are just as excited as you are to finally get those gently-used items back into the community, but we will need to be mindful to make sure we have enough room for everyone (without having to limit consignors). For that reason, we are limiting the amount of wearable items that can be consigned. Each consignor can consign a total of 8 (spring)/10 (fall) bins of wearable itemsWearable items include: all clothing, socks, undergarments, and outerwear (jackets & snowpants), shoes, outer accessories, etc. Anything that is not wearable will be subject to our normal seasonal and condition guidelines, but will have no limit.


  • This includes all clothing, outerwear, shoes/boots, pajamas, undergarments, diapers, accessories, etc. If you put it on your body, it needs to fit in one of your bins.
  • Bins need to be reasonably sized. Think of a bin that you can easily carry, that would fit two adult sleeping bags rolled, a king-size comforter, or a bundle of wood- you get the idea. This should be 18-20 gallon capacity on average. NOT to exceed 24 gallon!
  • Larger bins (over 25-gallon, trunk sized, typically on wheels, or require two people to carry) will be counted as 2 bins towards your total.

 Examples of 18-20 gallon bins:

 Oversized Bins (will be counted as 2-3 bins depending on actual size):

GOOD NEWS:  There is NO MAXIMUM for non-wearable items!

  • This includes: gear, furniture, toys, baby feeding, sports equipment, books, games etc.