So you want to join the Half-Pint community but aren’t sure how? Or maybe you’ve already made the leap but need help figuring something out? Look no further! We are in the middle of developing tutorials and videos to help explain the A to Zs of Half-Pint – check out what we have below and reach out if you have tutorials you’d like to see us make!

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Ready to consign for your first time? Don’t panic, we’ve got you – you’ll be registered and ready to start consigning in no time!

Okay, step one; open your browser and go to the Half-Pint website, halfpintresale.com, and click on the consign link on the menu. Now scroll down just a little to the section under the login to the new consignor registration link. Quick heads up, when you click the ‘new consigner registration link,’ it will transfer you to a page that points to a website outside the Half-Pint domain. This clever system tracks and manages consignor and volunteer registrations and creates the barcodes you’ll use to tag your clothing.

Step two: This is where you’ll need to provide your information and set a password. If you are consigning because of a recommendation from a friend, include them in the “other referral” box, and we’ll send them a coupon to use at the next sale! Now, prove you are not a bot and hit submit. From here, you’ll be redirected to our seller agreement. This agreement lays out a few things specific to the sale, such as how and when payments are made and liabilities for various things. Nothing should surprise you here, but I’d encourage you to read it. Once you are happy, Type YES in the box and press continue.

Step three: You’ll now see a screen that highlights you’re about to be sent to PayPal to process the consignment fee. This non-transferable and non-refundable fee helps us cover some of our facility rental costs and keeps the sale free for our customers to shop. Simply click the yellow button to be redirected to PayPal. You can sign into your PayPal account to process the payment or click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button on the bottom.

And that’s it; you’re registered! It wasn’t too painful, was it! You should see a message confirming your successful registration and receive an automatically generated email from the system.

Happy Consigning, and we’ll see you at the sale!

The Dos and Don'ts of Consigning

So, you’ve decided to consign – great decision! But you are unsure how to move forward. When people are sorting through their items for consigning with Half-Pint, we get asked many good questions: What can I consign? Is this good enough to consign? How much should I charge? Does every item need a tag? Can I get my unsold items back? This almost works – can I still sell it?

So, to help you with your consignment preparation, this video will cover the dos and don’ts of consigning!

First up, the Dos!

  • Make sure everything is clean! This means washing all clothing, shoes, toys, and other items you want to consign. If it’s dirty, it cannot be part of the sale.
  • Install working batteries in all electronics and check that they are working.
  • Send your best stuff! Our buyers are looking for quality items.
  • Tag all items at the seam to avoid damaging them with the tagging gun. If the tagging gun creates a hole in any items, we will have to reject them.
  • Use whatever method of filling out the item tags that works for you. For example, handwritten, typed, or mail merged. –  are all completely fine.
  • Price your items low if you want them to sell quickly! Also, keeping items in the region of 30% of the retail cost is a great guide when pricing.
  • Do use tags and barcodes from previous sales, even if there is a new tag template. The barcode and cost are unique to you, and that is all that really matters!
  • Please leave a labeled storage bin at check-in if you want any unsold items returned after the sale. And remember, we are happy to donate them for you if they don’t sell.
  • Make sure your hanger looks like a question mark after you’ve put the clothes on it. All clothing needs to face the same direction so our customers can see all the fantastic things for sale!
  • Please help us grow our Half-Pint community by posting a picture or video of your pile of consigned stuff explaining #WhyIConsign!

Now the Don’ts!

  • Don’t put shoes in bags unless they are completely dry. Otherwise, they will mold!
  • Don’t use blurry barcodes! A clear, crisp barcode is needed for successful scanning. 
  • Do not send your worn-out stuff. Pants with thread-worn knees and barbies with cut hair will not make the cut! Our buyers are on their game when they shop, and we want to keep our standards up!
  • Don’t do anything to the donation D on the tag except a clearly written X or slash over it if you do NOT want to donate. Any other markings make things confusing.
  • Do not send location or event-specific shirts. Professional sporting teams for this area or Badger gear is acceptable.
  • Don’t try to sell anything that’s been recalled.
  • Do not send broken electronics, and hope we won’t check! We take great pride in ensuring that all the items on sale work and that our buyers will be delighted with their purchases.

Now there are a few specific items we “DON’T SELL.” These are breast pumps, stuffies, Car seats, bike Helmets, and cribs. 

Now for the ‘DO SELL” list. I would be here a looonngg time if I tried to list everything we do sell! Imagine pretty much anything you needed or wanted when raising kiddos (that isn’t on the do not sell list)! All clothing, bedding, sporting equipment, pack-and-plays, strollers, high chairs, safety gates, books, baby carriers, shoes, hot wheel garages, drones! I think you get what I mean!

I’ll leave you with one more hot tip – Hangers! You will need lots of hangers when getting your items prepped for consignment. And no, we don’t supply them. The best places to find them are thrift stores, dry cleaners, posting on social media and asking family and friends. The good news is, after your first consignment, you can come and pick up your hangers, so they are ready for next time.

Wow! We have covered many things here! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email at halfpintresale@gmail.com

Happy Consigning, and we’ll see you at the sale!