Consignor Drop-Off Pre-Sale

Sales Floor is rearranged this year!

See the map at the bottom of the page! We are trying something new this year to take advantage of the bigger space at the Mandt Center. Let us know what you think!

For consignors with large amounts of items (5+ bins) ONLY!

Click to log in and sign up (or just join us for check in by using the standard lines, anytime during check in. See hours on our Upcoming Sale page)

Item Drop-Off

Check our Upcoming Sale Information page for drop-off times, as well as dates that drop-off scheduling will be open. 

Drop-off appointments are for consignors with large amounts of items (5+ bins) ONLY. If you bring less than this, you will be directed back to the general consignor lines to wait for a check-in. Only take an appointment if you KNOW that you have enough bins to qualify. After the deadline, all scheduling is done manually and is hard for everyone involved to manage; if you take an appointment and then decide not to use it, it makes it more difficult for consignors who need a spot. Please note that if you schedule a time and then do not show up, you will not be allowed to register for a drop off appointment in the future. Thanks for your help!

All registered consignors are welcome to bring their items anytime during the time scheduled for general Consignor Drop-off. All consignors should be in line no later than 30 minutes before the end of check-in time. Consignors with 1-4 bins may need to wait, as the time of drop off will depend on the length of the lines when you arrive and how many items people have. Consignors with 5+ bins can sign up for a drop-off appointment, however, if they are full or closed (or if you don’t prefer to schedule a time), you may also check your items in through the regular consignor drop-off lines shown below in orange. If you have registered for a drop-off appointment, arrive in the doors shown in blue. For large item drop off, see the area marked in red. 

What to Expect

If you have 1-4 bins/boxes of items or are not scheduled for a Drop-Off Appointment, the easiest system is to bring a dolly or cart with you and wheel your items up to the entrance. You may also drop items near the entrance while you park. All large items will go in the Big Gear Load-In door and checked in separately by a volunteer. Once you are through the doors marked above, you will follow the paths outlined below. 

If you are scheduled for a Drop-Off Appointment, you’ll be unloading your bins through the side door (parking available). A volunteer will give you a spot inside the building for you to store your items and a number that goes with that spot. You may need to wait for the person in front of you to finish for a volunteer to start checking in your items. You can either finish this process first, or you can go drop off your large items. Each shift is scheduled for a half-hour, however, this time represents just the time you will spend with the volunteer who is checking-in your items, and the process may not start till 15 minutes into that time frame.  After this process is complete, you will be responsible for putting your items out onto the sales floor, so please plan according.

Drop-off appointments full?  Just come through the regular lines at anytime!

First time consigning and wondering if you are a 5+ bin consignor?  You’ll know you might be a 5+ bin Consignor because you can’t (even with difficulty) bring all of your items in without a helper, a large wheeled cart, or a several load drop-off.  Use your best judgement!  If you aren’t sure, go ahead and plan to use go through the general lines.

What is a large item? Nursery furniture, bouncers, big toys, pack and plays, high-chairs, safety gates, ride-on toys, bikes. If you’ve shopped the sale before, it’s all of that stuff that is right by the sale entrance. Don’t worry – if you bring your item to the wrong place, we’ll help you make sure it gets to the right area. The point of the special large item drop off is to make it easier for you (no dragging big items with you in line) and easier for us (putting it on the floor approximately where it will end up post sale). Large items will be checked for working batteries and check proper tagging.

At the check-in table

  1. You will be asked to confirm your consignor number.
  2. Coming back Sunday to pick-up items? Feel free to leave a bin that we then can use to help make the sale run smoothly. Bins must include some identifying information (name, consignor number, phone number). Please, no lids.
  3. The volunteer will then start to sort through your items. They will be checking to make sure all items meet the guidelines (tags are fully filled out and filled out correctly, items are hung correctly on the hangers, items are not stained, out of season, out of date, recalled, or on our not-sellable list, and that any gear tags are filled our correctly). Please be aware that during this process, some of your items are likely to be rejected. In order to keep the quality of the sale exceedingly high (thus bringing in lots of happy shoppers ready to spend money on your items!) we try very hard to be strict about items coming in. Thanks for understanding!
  4. As the volunteer checks in the items, you can start putting your items on the sales floor. (Once all of your items are checked in, you may be asked to move your items to another location so that another consignor can be checked-in as you continue to hang your items on racks and put your items on tables.)
  5. A volunteer will check that you’ve brought 30+ items and give you a pass for the consignor pre-sale.
  6. After this process is complete, you are free to leave!

Helpful Note!

BRING SOMETHING WITH WHEELS! Unless you have a smaller amount of items, bringing something to roll around the sales floor is helpful – a dolly, cart, wagon, rolling suitcase, etc. 

Below is a map of how the sale is planned to be set up, to help you find the area you will need to put your items. It was made in Excel to help measure out the space, so forgive the boxy nature of the graphics. Note that this plan will change as items fill up the sale and we find we have more or less of something than anticipated. Bear with us!