Consignor Pick-up Post Sale

Items that do not sell can be donated post sale, by marking the tags appropriately (see the tagging guidelines). If you would like to donate your items, they will find a good home. We work with schools and non-profits who especially need clothing of all sizes. If you would like your items back, please check the Upcoming Sale page for pickup date and times.

Post sale, the work to clean everything up is massive. If you would like your items back, please consider volunteering during this time. It is impossible to know how many items will be need to be picked up post sale, so this can get done quickly, or it can take a long time. We will do our best to post updates to Facebook to tell you if we are running behind. If you do end up arriving prior to sorting being completed, you are welcome to search for your items on the floor, or pick up just the items that are done being sorted (clothing is always done first), instead of waiting for the sorting to complete. 

Please note! Unless we are posting revised hours to Facebook because sorting is taking longer than expected, we close PROMPTLY at the time posted. Additionally, if you indicate you will pick up your items and do not show up, you will be charged a $20 fee for the extra effort. Thank you!