New consignor signup

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Changes to be aware of for consigning in Fall 2023

  • Anything with pieces need to have a second tag that certifies you’ve counted ALL parts and they are all there. The form is on the how to consign page and linked here as well. Think Lego kits, board games, puzzles. If all the pieces aren’t there, no one wants to buy it, so if this tag is missing, your item will be rejected at check-in. Thanks for counting, not assuming!
  • Appointment check-ins will be at the front of the building, and big gear check-in will be staged at the corner of the rink instead of in front of the bleachers. This is to try to make the task of sorting items for display a little easier. Make sure to review our drop-off page. There will be signs and people to help on Thursday!
  • There will be a table with bins for slippers. No changes necessary for preparing items.

Reminders on changes from the past few sales

  • Footwear will be displayed on racks instead of bins. No changes necessary for preparing items.
  • (Spring only) Swimsuits will be displayed on racks instead of bins. Swimsuits need to be on hangers just like other clothing items. If you have previously prepared swim wear, find some hangers!
  • Also remember we have a maternity section now!