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What do your kids need for fall?

It’s that time of year.  You go down to your basement (and look under your beds), and start digging.  Then you head to your kids rooms and the piles ensue.  Your partner/child/friend comes into your house, and breaks your concentration.  The look on their face says it all – what the heck is all of this stuff?!?!?!?!

It’s time for out with the old, in with the new, and a major inventory on all of the stuff you Totally DO NOT have for fall.

It’s a good thing Half-Pint is around the corner!  I don’t know about you, but I almost headed to a store this week in panic and bought things at – gasp – full price!  After my momentary panic, I pulled out Half-Pint’s cheat sheets and started making a long list of what to look for next week.  I even made my kid stand on a piece of paper and traced his feet so I can confidently by him shoes and boots (which I think are always sized strange).

Top of my list?  Snow pants and jeans.  And some good gifts to squirrel away for Christmas.  Oh, and a Wolverine Costume.

What are you looking for?

-EC and LS

Volunteer Registration is Open!

We so love our volunteers!

 And because during all of the craziness of the sale we don’t have a lot of time to tell all of you, we’ll do it right now.

Half-Pint is fabulous because YOU make it fabulous by being your already fabulous selves.   This community that you’ve all helped create is an amazing resource for area families.  Thank you for all that you do!

Want to be a part of this fun community?  Great!  
Because Volunteer Registration is open!  
We’ve added some extra slots this year, rearranged the shifts a little bit, all in an effort to make a better more efficient sale, and we hope you think so, too.  

As you are registering, please take the time to read the comments on the right side of the form.  When you click on a section, you’ll see little boxes appear.  These give important notes about the shifts and what you might be able to expect.  Little stars next to shifts indicate that there is some heavy lifting involved, so beware those of you with bad backs or with babies in carriers.

You’ll also note that we added information about what shifts are wild and crazy.  Let’s just say this:

If you are the kind of person who thrives on being busy and FAST and can handle some chaos, we need you on Thursday during check-in (anytime between 12:30-9:30pm) and Friday (anytime between 10:30-4:30pm).  These are BY FAR the busiest times at the sale.

If you are the kind of person who likes things calmer (read: steadier, quieter, less chaos), then shifts towards the end of the day Friday and Saturday morning are made for you.  Everything on Saturday from about 3pm on is what we would call Medium-busy.

We aim to have something for everyone.  (smile).  Or at least, we try.

Finally, note that, like last sale, we have some special opportunities, as well as some variable shifts.

Data Entry: These are three hours shifts (like the rest of our shifts), and are fairly flexible.  You tell us when you are free and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  Basically, we provide the computer and the 10key, and you provide fast fingers and the ability to sit for three hours and stare at A LOT of numbers.  (And type them accurately.)

Flyering: The ever popular flyering!  Basically, we need your Uber help getting out the word about Half-Pint.   We love that shoppers and consignors alike make sure that their friends, coworkers and families know about Half-Pint.  Some people, though, really go out of their way to post and distribute, and we know the amount of time it takes.   ** If you would like to flyer as your volunteer opportunity, you’ll want to mark that box at the end of the registration form, and send us your list of places you’d like to post.  We often have people who send us a list that duplicates someone else’s efforts, so be sure to get your list in early and wait for our approval to start.  You must commit to posting the flyer (or handing out the information) to at least 15 places with a minimum of 5 families.    If one of the places you agree to post will not post the flyer (it happens), then you’ll need to find an additional place.  

The Best Part of Volunteering:  The Volunteer PreSale

And to make the Volunteer Sale even a bit sweeter, we lengthened the Volunteer PreSale to two full hours.  (Just a reminder, that consignors and volunteers can shop both presales, but Must check-out in between.  Also, volunteers may not bring an extra person with them – say, a partner or fellow co-parent or grandparent – to the sale;  so if you want your cute hubby or wife to come with you while you shop, have them sign up for a shift as well!  We’ve had lots of mother/daughter and husband/wife teams!)

We’ve got nearly 200 shifts to fill to make this a smooth event – Ok, So go for it!  And thanks!

-EC and LS

Consignment is Open!

We’re kicking things back into gear and hope that you’re planning to join us in April for the SEVENTH semi-annual Half-Pint Resale!

First, get the sale on your calendar!  Click here for all of the ins and outs and times and details.   The sale will be held again at the Goodman Center – We’re thrilled that they continue to work with us to make it possible for us to take over their busy center for so many days.  If you see the staff while you are there, please make sure to say Thanks!  There aren’t a lot of space options in town and we feel very lucky to have scored the best.

The main thing you’ll notice is that we slightly anded the times for the Volunteer and Consignor sales due to high demand.  We highly recommend taking a second look at the sale post these presales because there are things you’ll never see until they are unearthed!  But we also understand the need for a few more minutes for one more rack, one more pass through the toy section, one more looksie at the linens… (It’s so hard to stop shopping!)

We’ll continue to offer our Loot Valet service which allows shoppers to leave their purchased items with a volunteer attendant to later drive-up and load their great finds into the car with ease.  No more fretting over a distant parking spot and the idea of carrying everything you want to buy – so Shop Away! Consignors, we’ll have similar service for consignor drop-off as well.

Of course, the HIGH QUALITY of the goods being sold and the incredibly affordable prices won’t change a bit!  As veteran thrift shoppers, we know how important this aspect is to the success of the sale.  We take great pride in making sure that the items being put on the sale floor are in gently used condition.  The AFFORDABLE prices, well we certainly can’t take any credit for that.  We have been so impressed with the fair and affordable prices consignors pass onto shoppers and believe this is cornerstone to Half-Pint’s continued success.  Half-Pint Resale is only as good as its consignors and we think the world of the folks who Consign with us.

Consignor Registration is now Open and will remain open until April 1.  Check out the Consigning page on our website to learn about all of the fabulous perks of consigning.  You can also check out our new list that more clearly identifies what we take for each sale – worth a quick perusal, even if you are a veteran consignor!

Registering Early has it’s perks!

(for new consignors) – Win a Half-Pint T-Shirt and have your Consignor Fee waived  (2 winners!)

(for returning consignors) – Win a pass for you and one friend to enter a 15 minutes early into the Volunteer Sale – (1 winner!)

Registration is easy!   Don’t delay!

And for those of you who STUCK OUT the Consignor check-in last year, we are on top of it and hope that this year’s system will make things quicker for everyone.

There isn’t any reason to wait-  Register now, and start purging and tagging!

Lots more to come in the upcoming days – an updated Crib Checklist, volunteer registration, Printable Posters, a play by play of the ins and outs of consigning, fun contests and ways to get your pre-Half-Pint fix!

We’re excited to see y’all again!

Ellen and Lisa