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So, so quiet….

We’ve been a bit quiet lately.  Not on purpose – but between Half-Pint’s, we’re reminded of all of our other hobbies.  And our jobs.  Oh, and our families.

But we’re not short on thoughts (and as my husband always says – absolutely not short on opinions) so we’ll begin to send them your way again soon, promise.

In the mean time, we’ll post a little link fun.  LOVE this blog (LOVE the color just as much, too).  How About Orange posted these cool book plates.  And because it’s officially summer, your kids might enjoy a trip to Half-Price Books, and this nifty book plate to boot.  Sounds like a perfect rainy-afternoon activity.


Doctor Play Kit

This is a post that could save your next trip to that store that you want to go to but your kids could do without (but they have to go anyway…). These are instructions for how to put together a doctor kit out stuff around your house.
I love the idea – making something out of things around the house.   There is a great list of what to include, but I imagine just scrounging around your bathroom and house you could find a whole bag worth of stuff.