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Join the fun at the 11th Annual Half-Pint Resale

It’s the 11th Annual Half-Pint Resale!  

This coming weekend is the 11th annual Half-Pint Resale, the area’s largest children’s consignment sale.  With only a few days left before the sale, we hope you’ve got your resuable bags ready and your cheat sheets complete.  Despite the unusually cool weather, we promise that spring is around the corner– and my guess is that there are littles (and school-aged bigs) who could use some new-to-you clothing, some gear, some toys, and how about a few holiday or birthday gifts stashed away – all on a budget?!

Did you join us for the Fall sale?  Remember how you felt when you dragged that big bag to the counter and wrote that budget-friendly check?

Here are a couple of  things that might help you prepare for the season’s biggest shopping extravaganza:

1) Volunteers will be wearing black and will be wearing nametags.  They are here to help you!  There are a couple of volunteers with special duties that will really help you out:  Volunteers in the GEAR AREA will help you purchase large items so you can easily purchase them without hindering the rest of your shopping experience (look for the signs on the wall).  Volunteers with a ASK ME ABOUT BABY CARRIERS sign on their backs are ladies who know a TON about baby carriers and will be hanging around in that area during a few hours of the sale to help you try carriers on and learn about what will be best for you and your baby.    We hope that these folks will help make your shopping experience better.

2) There are two main areas at the Madison Curling Club.  In the lobby area, there are tables, seats, and places to just take a load off!  Feel free to come in and take a seat, nurse your baby, dig into some food from this sale’s Food Carts.  You are more than welcome to come and hang out – we only ask that you leave all unpurchased items on the sales floor.  Thanks!

The sale area is in the arena part of the building.   We will have hold tables where you could bag your items, if you say, need to go sit and nurse your babe or use the restroom (or get a sugar fix!).    NOTE:  The temperature in the arena area is similar in temperature to the temperature outside, due to the nature of the space.   It may be warm, it may be cool, it all depends!

3) Spend some time reading through our Shopping Tips.   There are a few things to highlight…

4)  Strollers are NOT allowed during peak shopping times (anytime before Noon on Saturday).   It gets so crowded and it would be unsafe for everyone.   We also highly recommend you not bring children.  We know – sometimes you have no choice!  But we’ve had several kids get lost (think kids shorter than the racks and at some peak shopping times, several hundred people packing the space).    Finally, Children of any size that are WORN in a carrier are ALWAYS welcome, anytime!  If you do bring kids, please make sure that they do not play with the toys or sit in the gear.  We’ve had kids break things (and then the item is unsellable) or have had people pass over things they want to buy because they think that they are accounted for, only to find out later that the person using the item wasn’t intending to buy it, and then a consignor lost the sale.  THANKS for understanding!!

5) Check out all of our tips about holding items on our shopping tips page.  Remember that items can stay on the Hold table for one hour maximum.  PLEASE!  Don’t abandon items on this table!  Shoppers and consignors alike miss out!

6) Don’t forget to come on Sunday during the Half-Price sale for the Fun Booth thanks to First Moments Photography!!!  Come have fun with us!

And last, but not least, We only take cash and check!  Keeping consignor checks as high as possible and keeping as much money  in the community as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you:
Saturday, April 20, 2013- 8am-6pm, and Sunday, April 21, 2013- 8am-1pm when everything is half off!

-Ellen and Lisa

PS – Half-Pint is only possible because of the tremendous community we are a part of.  Say thank to these folks next time you see them – 

PPS – Save a couple of bucks for some super awesome Half-Pint goods (tees, stainless steel sippy’s, glass insulated travel mugs, and flip and tumbles!) You can carry the Half-Pint love with you year round.

Free Children’s Fun this weekend!

You wouldn’t want to miss this weekend’s FREE FUN at the Goodman Community Center! It’s the second annual Goodman Days.  We went last year and had a blast!

Sunday, June 12 from 2:00 – 6:00pm at the Goodman Community Center (you all know where that is –149 Waubesa St) 

» David Landau, local children’s storyteller and musician will perform at 3:30 p.m.

» Build your own ice cream sundaes available all-day long

» Bubble making and wands

» Bouncy castle and inflatable climbing train cars.

» Gym activities with tunnels, tubes, balls and scooters and hoola hoops

» Take home party favors

» If it’s hot, there will be water games!

All activities are free thanks to the generosity of the Goodman Foundation.

Midwest Clay Project

From the beginning of Half-Pint, we’ve had an amazing friend in Jennifer Lapham.  She’s been more than a consignor and volunteer, she’s been a friend who has stayed late and helped our brain-dead heads stay in the game to get things prepped for each sale.

And now that same amazing Jennifer has started her own fabulous business that we can’t rave enough about!  (and not just us; read about them on Madison.com)

Midwest Clay Project is “A place to work in clay for people of all ages and abilities”.  And it really is!  My kids and I could best be described as a giant tornado.  And you generally don’t allow tornados at clay studios.  But that isn’t the case at Midwest Clay Project.  Jennifer and her awesome staff have created a place for all ages – from my two year old little (who exlaims everytime we go, “I cut!”) and my five year old boy (who has more energy than can be stored in his body), to adults of all ages.  Neither myself nor my children know anything about clay, but so far we’ve successfully created little snowmen, beads and other assorted “modern” pieces.

For just $10, your child  can hang out and play with clay for over an hour.  Then, their pieces are fired, and they can go back and paint on an underglaze (that is similar to the final color),  for no cost.  The pieces are then dipped in a glaze, put through the kiln, and then ready for pickup!   (Kids under the age of three are free and welcome as well, as long as they don’t eat the clay.)

So today, on this snowy MLK day, my family (minus the two year old, but plus another 5 year old friend) went back to the beautiful and brightly painted studio.  The H-Man was busy creating a new clay piece (a “spiral cup”), and our little lady friend was busy painting her fired pieces.   There was another family in the studio while we were there – a mom and her two middle schoolers, who exclaimed “There aren’t many places to bring kids this age, so this place is amazing.”  There were also a few adults busy working on the wheels.

With classes for people of all ages and abilities, with a space that accepts all kids they way they are, with a place that invites in the whole community – how could it not be enormously successful?

So go in and try it out.  If you think you might make a habit of it (which you should, and your kids will want to), you can buy a punch card for $50, and get 6 sessions!   I love knowing that it’s there waiting for us.

Check out their website for information on classes (including information on kid’s open studio), visiting nationally known instructors, gallery events, and more.  Or just hop on over and stop in!  (You can’t miss it – they are conveniently located next to Madison Sourdough on Willy Street…  Before you leave, don’t forget to pop into MSCo for a 55cent chocolate cherry cookie; it’s a good way to refuel after so much creative work…)

And make sure you your kids bring some extra change from their piggy bank, because for only fifty cents, they can shop the “kids shelf” in the gallery area and bring home a little piece of art, all their own.