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They make Half-Pint Resale Happen

When Half-Pint set out to find community sponsors, we did so with One main rule in mind.  We wanted our fabulous sponsors (who honestly make Half-Pint possible, and if you think I’m kidding…  well…. I’m not) to be RESOURCES for you, our Super Shoppers and Consignors.  We didn’t want to overwhelm you with stuff you don’t need.  Instead we wanted to share with you parenting and life resources that have made Us better parents, better moms, better community members;  that in short have made life better in some way.

So here we are, at our seventh sale.  With well over 250 consignors expected to register (we’re already cruising quicly past 100, and consignor registration has only been open a week!), with thousands of shoppers expected to attend and purchase the over 15,000 items we’ll have for sale, I sometimes can’t believe how much we’ve grown.  We’re thankful to have all of your continued support in spreading the news about the parenting, budgeting and (hopefully) sanity-saving resource that has become Half-Pint Resale.  And we want to invite you to become a sponsor or to help us get the word out by offering up a partnership trade.

What are all of these options, you ask?  It’s no secret!  Just click here, and send us a note (we’re not hard to find) or give us a call if you’re interested!

And while you are at it, take a gander at the fabulous FABULOUS folks we had for our last sale.   We still love them all as much as we did then, and maybe even more!!!

-Ellen and Lisa

PS And has someone sent you are way, but you’re still a little confused on how this all works?  See for yourself, or check out some insider info here.


Have a Presence at Half-Pint!

You’ve been to Half-Pint or heard of the fun we have twice per year, getting great bargains into the hands of area families.
So you know how many people  come, looking for bargains, and all the while looking to connect with other moms, dads, community groups, and businesses that might help them in this great world of Parenting!
If you’re interested in letting over a thousand area families know about your business or community resource, then having a presence at Half-Pint is for you!
There are still opportunities to sponsor or partner with us (quite inexpensive, I might add) – so if you’d like some more info – check out this link!  And be sure to let us know if you have any questions –
Ellen and Lisa