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Half-Pint Tagging Party!

I know, tagging can sometimes feel like a drag.  But add some wine, some friends, and some super funny stories, you’ve got yourself a party.   I just got back from such a party that an awesome friend of mine organized.  She has the right idea -you could do this stuff on your own (with wine and TV, mind you), but friends make everything great.  If nothing else, grab your partner!  They make good pinners! (and half the work and twice the fun).

And just think, the little bit of work in the end is SO WORTH IT when you have less bins in your basement and a check in your pocket.


Does your living room look like this?

I dragged up all of my bins out of my basement today.  I’m  amazed at how much stuff there is!  Thought you would all appreciate this picture (check out the wording on the shirt.)  Does your living room (spare bedroom, front porch) look like this, too? 

Lisa and I are busy making last minute lists, responding to hundreds of emails, and YES!  Getting ready for those last emails to all of you volunteers, consignors, and shoppers.  Watch your email from us in the next few days and we’ll get you up-to-speed (all before Thursday!) 

Now back to those bins, safety pins, tags, and that glass of wine…