One of the best benefits of volunteering is that you are invited to attend the Consignor or Volunteer Presale and scour out all of the best deals before the sale even opens to the public! 

This is a great opportunity for those who, perhaps, aren’t interested in consigning but would like to get in on the presale, or who are consigning and want an even earlier look at the goodies! What else will you receive in return for volunteering? Awesome karma, and our never-ending love and admiration for your generosity!  Welcome to the Half-Pint family!


There are several ways to volunteer. 

  1.  The most common way is to volunteer for a shift.   A full list of the volunteer shifts are below.  Our biggest needs are ALWAYS Saturday at 10:30 and 1:30 and Sunday at 10:30!  We need nearly 400 volunteers to make the sale happen!   We use the same system that we use for Consignor Registration to schedule volunteers.
    1. If you are already a Consignor, you can login and use your account to register as a volunteer.  If you plan to consign, register as a consignor first, and then register to volunteer.
    2. If you are a NEW volunteer and do not plan to consign, you will you will be instructed to choose a username.  If you want to log back in to change your assignment, login here.
    3. If you are a NEW volunteer and may want to register to consign later, you will need to remove yourself from your shift in the Worker-only account, login as a consignor, and re-register for the same shift.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Volunteers are also needed to put flyers up about the sale around the community.   Volunteers put up 15 flyers in assigned areas.  This opportunity will provide one volunteer pass.  (Once confirmed, this will NOT show up in the consignor/volunteer portal.)  – <<THIS OPPORTUNITY IS CLOSED>>
  3. Volunteers are needed to connect with Preschools and drop off flyers about the sale.  This opportunity will provide one volunteer pass.  (Once confirmed, this will NOT show up in the consignor/volunteer portal.)  – REGISTER HERE

Volunteers are eligible for one Volunteer Pass per shift/opportunity.   You may register for as many shifts as you want and can pass on additional passes to friends and family.


Susan and HeidiHalf-Pint Resale is successful for everyone because of our awesome volunteers! Because 400 fabulous volunteers make the sale go off without a hitch, it’s difficult for us to make a lot of changes.  When we are short volunteers, it affects others who have made the commitment. We understand schedules change (ours do to!) but only register for shifts that you know you can make or until you have secured child care.

Due to an increasing number of no-shows and last-minute shift cancellations, we are instituting a no-show policy.  We hope that these policies will ensure everyone’s volunteer experience is fantastic.

Volunteer Shifts – are all three hours and fifteen minutes long.   (The extra fifteen minutes allows for training and a slight overlap with outgoing volunteers from the previous shift.)   Volunteers do everything from setting up the sales floor, helping consignors check-in their items, working the check-out stations at the sale, cleaning up after the sale, and help with barcode scanning.

One Entrance to the Volunteer Presale per Volunteer Shift – There is only one entrance to the volunteer sale per shift worked, so if you and your partner or mom or friend want to shop with you, they will need to sign up for a volunteer shift as well. You may also volunteer a second shift to “share” with a shopping buddy. -Children are NOT ALLOWED at the Volunteer sale, unless they are worn in a baby carrier.

Note the instructHalf-Pint_Spring2016_28ions listed for each shift on the Volunteer Registration Form – It will give you information as to the type of activities that you will be doing – some shifts require you to be quick, some require you to work fast amidst a lot of crazy fun, some require heavy lifting, and others are more appropriate for babywearing. Most of the opportunities are not physically demanding, although you probably will be on your feet for most of the shift.

Children not in baby carriers are not allowed to accompany you to your Volunteer shift. – Also, volunteers must be 18 or over.

Cancellations – Please consider this commitment carefully and make sure you are available before you sign up to volunteer. If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment you must notify us by email two weeks before the beginning of the sale. (See the “Upcoming Sale” page for the exact date). If you need to cancel after this date, you may find a replacement for your shift with no penalty. You can let us know of this change by email.

No-Show or Cancellation of Volunteer Shift Consequences – 
Volunteers who are also consignors will have their consignor percentage dropped to 50%.  Non-consignor Volunteers will not be eligible to volunteer for the following sale.

Extenuating Circumstances – In the case of an emergency once the sale begins, you MUST CALL OR TEXT our emergency volunteer phone number at 608-692-9978 to let us know that you are not able to volunteer. Some extenuating circumstances will be considered.

Using your Volunteer Pass but not volunteering – Volunteers who use their volunteer pass and then DO NOT VOLUNTEER, no matter the extenuating circumstances, will be asked to fill a volunteer shift in between sales or a double at the next sale, or will be excluded from volunteering in the future.

Please be on Time for your Shift – All volunteer shifts come with training. Volunteers are asked to show up ON TIME because the first ten minutes of their shift will be getting the scoop on everything they need to know from one of our amazing sale Volunteer Coordinators. Consistently late volunteers may be denied registration at future sales.



Wednesday, April 22

9:00am-12:15pm  (empty U-Haul, set-up racks)  Heavy lifting shift;  worn-children not allowed
12:00pm-3:15pm  (set-up tables & racks, signage)  Heavy lifting shift;  worn-children not allowed
3:00pm-6:15pm (set-up tables & racks, signage)  Heavy lifting shift;  worn-children not allowed

Thursday, April 23

9:30am-12:45pm  (FAST PACED check-in)
12:30pm-3:45pm (FAST PACED check-in) <>
3:30pm-6:45pm (FAST PACED check-in)
4:45pm-8:00pm (intense sale organizing)
6:30pm-9:45pm (FAST PACED check-in, intense sale organizing)
7:45pm-11:00pm (intense sale organizing)

Friday, April 24

3:00pm-6:15pm (volunteer and consignor presale check-out and floor organizing)  – FAST MOVING
**Volunteers who sign up for the 3pm shift will be able to check-out/pay for their items either during or at the end of their shift.
6:00pm-9:15pm (volunteer and consignor presale check-out, reorganizing for public sale)

Saturday, April 25

7:30am-10:45am  (public sale) – This is the busiest shift of the sale.  Fast moving, and chaotic!
9:30am-12:45pm (extra support!  public sale)
10:30am-1:45pm (public sale) <>
1:30-4:45pm (public sale) <>
4:30-7:30pm (public sale, floor organizing)

Sunday, April 26

7:30am-10:45am (half-price sale) <>
10:30am-1:45pm  (half-price sale) <>
12:30pm-3:45pm (half-price sale, sorting, deconstruction, and clean-up)* <>
3:30pm-6:45pm (sorting, deconstruction, and clean-up)* <>
5:30pm-8:45pm  (consignor pick-up, sorting, deconstruction, and clean-up)*

*These shifts are require a lot of manual labor.   We ask that you are able to lift 30+ lbs to volunteer for tear-down.  Bring work gloves if you have them! 

<>These shifts are often hard for us to fill!  If they happen to work for you, registering for them will guarantee and awesome sale!

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