Everything but stuff for Half-Pints

Ok, well, there will be SOME stuff from our Half-Pints (and for yours).  But basically, Lisa and a friend and I are busy decluttering our house of everything that no longer fits (um, two babies later I swear I’ve spanned a 10 size range), or that has just outworn it’s happy welcome and that we can’t sell at the next Half-Pint Resale.  That means that we are selling A LOT OF STUFF.  Anyway, we’ve been a little busy with this task, which is why we haven’t been around much.  But more next week.  We plan to make our big announcement soon.  Very Soon.   (smile)

See this shirt?  Post baby #1, Pre baby #2, which means, For Sale.
See this shirt and pants? Post baby #1, Pre baby #2, which means, For Sale.

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