Cloth Diapers: Is it too stained for Half-Pint?

I give giant kuddos to everyone who cloth diapers. We did great with our first kid, but by second kid, we fell off the wagon.  We had Great excuses (some of them totally valid), and maybe could have continued if we switched to a different cloth diapering system, but my brain couldn’t handle a toddler, new kid, AND new diapering system.  Plus, we aren’t big laundry fans at the Carlson household.    I have guilt over the matter, really;  the environment, the money, my kids butt…  Sigh.

That being said, I remember VIVIDLY trying to get those dang diapers clean.  And then I also remember trying to get those dang diapers NOT-STAINED.  Two totally separate issues that those of you who know cloth diapers know well.

The thing with diapering is – well, it’s not a pleasant thing happening in there.  And it’s messy.  And even when it’s clean, sometimes, well, you can still SEE what happened in there.   And you can’t always get that stain out without using harsh chemicals.

Half-Pint Resale prides itself on having quality stain-free items.  Sure, there might be a time when you get something and you discover a little something somewhere on something you bought.  But over-all, hands down, things you buy at Half-Pint are in good condition.   So that is why this whole diaper thing sent us into a quandry.

After discussing the issue with many different cloth diapering parents, we’ve made the following decisions:

1.  If you are selling Cloth Diapers, we ask that you either tie them together (you know, like a gift box ribbon) or you put them in a ziploc bag, not taped shut.  This is so people can look at the diapers if they want, and so that we can easily check them in.

2.  If  some of your diapers have light stains on them, LABEL THE TAG accordingly.

3.  If you’ve taken care to wash your cloth diapers in a specific way, please also note this.  A lightly stained diaper that’s been handled like the Queen of Sheba could sell for just as much as one that is perfectly stain-free but is absent in the care department.

4.  Please, despite the fact that they are perfectly useful, no Heavily stained diapers.  If you think it might be too much, err on the side of not bringing them.

During check-in, all consignors bringing in diapers with light stains will have to have them approved by a Half-Pint organizer.  We appreciate your understanding!

Here are three pics that might help you identify the differences (many thanks to consignor VK for sharing them with us!)

Too Stained to Sell at Half-Pint
These would be accepted, but labeled Lightly Stained
Stain Free! Fantabulous, these are Great!


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