Half-Pint Supports Kindred Kids

We really love Kindred Kids.  Yep, we love it because one of our fabulous volunteers started the non-profit after she saw a need in the community.  And we love it because it helps families of children with differing needs.  We love that it involves kids in helping kids, and that they find creative ways to involve the community.  We love it for all of those things – and we love it because it’s the thrifty thing to do.

You should check out Kindred Kids new website (some students from MATC designed it – not too shabby, eh?!) and read all about their mission.  But you should also check out Kindred Kids because they have a toy lending library for all kids.   And it’s only $5 a month.  WHAT you say?  I was surprised the first time I heard about it, too.  But it’s such an awesome idea.  Your kids love new toys, but your budget doesn’t. For only $5 you can go to Kindred Kids and borrow toys. Just return them a month later, and get some new ones!  New toys every month for a total of $60 a year, the price of two toys at Toys’R Us.  That certainly is thrifty!  The toy lending library is free for any children of differing abilities.

All toys and clothing not purchased that is donated at the end of the sale goes to this great non-profit.  They sell the clothing cheap (not only as a resource for families, but to help them raise funds for the services they offer), and they add the toys into the lending library.   Kindred Kids even purchases items at Half-Pint to add to their resource area for families with children of different abilities to use (for example, chairs like bumbos are great for kids who have a hard time sitting up).

When I asked Wendy, their director, what Kindred Kids was up to since we last visited, she had a lot to say!

“So much has changed!  We’ve moved down the street – now we are much bigger (5400+ sq feet compared to 1700 at the old location!)  We have a retail area with a snack bar in case the little ones get hungry for a healthy snack.  We even have carts to push  and cars for the kiddos to ride around in!!!

The building has several different areas, which is great because we used to have to drive from storage unit to storage unit to pick up the specialized equipment that families needed.    Now one area in the building stores all of those items.  We also now we have one area that is the toy library, another area that is a play room that has a party room attached to it.  There is a nice sized community resource room and library, and another whole room devoted to just kids gear.

Starting the first saturday in April we are expanding our ours and will be open 12-5 tues-fri and 10-1 on saturdays.   Thursday nights we have a ladies volunteer group.  It’s always drop in and project focused so that  mamma’s can stop in after 6pm for munchies and conversation while we work together on a variety of volunteer projects.  Nursing babies are welcome, too!  We are also gearing up for a Tuesday morning playgroup to start sometime in the next few months.

Our new addy is 951 W. James street,which is right next to Dollar General… a Columbus landmark on the main drag that is easy to find.  We also have tons of parking in our lot that is not next to a major highway so it is convenient and safe for moms and kiddos.”

Lots of folks really love to get their items back post sale (no problem, happy to do it) but if you are considering donating unsold items, Kindred Kids will be thrilled to accept the donation.  “Half-Pint Resale is such a blessing for our organization,” says Wendy.

No, Wendy, Kindred Kids is such a blessing for our community!  We – and the Half-Pint Community – are happy to help.

-EC and LS

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