Shop BACK TO SCHOOL at Half-Pint!


If you are like me, you start panicking the moment the first back-to-school ads come out.  Not because you are anxious about school starting – alas, it’s about the clothes.  He needs pants!  He needs sweatshirts!  He needs new tees, and underwear!

And yet today is the first day of school, and it feels like 90 degrees, and probably 100 in his classroom.  The pants and sweatshirts frantically purchased at the store?  Still in a bag.  Not needed for at least a week or two.

So, save yourself some time and some money – and shop Back-To-School at Half-Pint Resale FIRST.  After the sale this weekend, you can take better stock of what you still need, AND get a lot more out of your budget.   You’ve got time!