What will you need this season?


If you are a Consignor, you likely have spent some time – or will this coming weekend! – going through bins in your basement or your garage.  We call it Purging Weekend around here!  Despite my plan to Consign, I needed to dig into the spring bins for this past weekend for another reason — My kids have had it with long sleeve shirts! – and I can say that I’m thankful that the sale is around the corner.

Have you started making a list of everything you need for the season?  We have printable sheets that we hope can help you organize what you have and what you need.  For example, I am attracted to patterns, patterns, patterns!  And while mixing patterns is in (finally), one can only match dots and stripes so much.  I always forget that I need solid colors unless I write them down.  Despite the fact that I’ve shopped this sale 14 times prior to this year, I make a list like this every year.  I also trace my children’s feet on the back of these forms so I never miss a good deal wondering if something is too big or too small.

I’m getting excited, making my lists, and dreaming about what I’ll find – and how much money I’ll save.  You?

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