Tips for Good Labels!

It’s important that you have good labels.  Scanned labels are accurate labels!

Here are some random thoughts on how to make good labels:

  • Make sure that you aren’t printing to “Fit”.  You want to print “Actual Size”.  If you print to “Fit”, the labels will print off of the labels.
  • If your labels end up off, what is most important is that the full width of the barcode, the price, and the consignor number
  • It’s important that you are not printing in color.  When several colors overlap to make black, the barcode doesn’t scan well.  Print in black.
  • Laser print!  If you have an inkjet printer, you may want to consider finding a place where you can laser print.  Inkjet printers are much more likely to not print a quality barcode.
  • If you look at your printed label, and it looks at all fuzzy, it will not scan.  Please reprint.
  • Barcodes must be white!  You may not use colored labels.
  • You cannot copy your barcodes more than once.  So for example:
    • Print your barcodes directly on labels, and put the labels on tag templates, which you then copy to use as your tags.
    • Print your barcodes on paper, and then copy the paper barcodes onto labels, which you then put directly on your tags.

What are your tips?


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