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Fall 2013 Consignor/Volunteer Registration Open

It’s that time again!  It’s hard to think about fall and winter, but you know it’s coming, so better to be prepared for it than to pretend it isn’t coming.  And Half-Pint is so fun, it’s worth thinking about even if it means snowsuits.

We hope you already have it on your calendar – but if you don’t, add the 12th Annual Half-Pint Resale to your September calendar!  We’re excited to have our fourth sale at the awesome and spacious Madison Curling Club.

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Have you been to Half-Pint Resale?  It’s the area’s largest children’s consignment sale, with items for kids ages 0-12,  pregnant mommas, and new parents.   With tens of thousands of items sold in just three days, local families can put their gently used goods back into the community and some money back in their pockets, and shoppers get great deals, knowing that their dollars are heading right back into the community.   Because of our commitment to the community, we’re a member of Dane Buy Local and hope to introduce you to other great local, independent and community-centered businesses through their wide network.

Let’s get the sale on your calendar – a several hour volunteer presale (allowing for folks to vary when they arrive, and how long they stay), a bit later consignor presale (making it easier to come after you or your partner’s work day), and a FULL DAY OF SATURDAY PUBLIC SALE SHOPPING that starts earlier in the morning for your thrifty early-birds, and extends late enough into the evening that allows you to spend the daytime with your fam, and your early evening catching bargains – AND NOW OPEN EVEN LATER until 7pm!   Finally, you can find even more good deals running into Sunday during the Half-Price sale.  For those of you shop our presales, we highly recommend taking a second look at the sale post the presales because there are things you’ll never see until they are unearthed!

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For those of you who are new to consigning, check out the Consigning area of our website for loads of info that will explain how it all works, and learn about all of the fabulous perks of consigning including 70% of your sales (the highest of any other consignment sale in the area and always 70% whether or not you volunteer), and a special pre-sale all for you!.   New this sale, consignors are allowed to bring children to the Consignor Presale as needed (see the Consignor page for guidelines).

Make sure you look through the Tagging Guidelines and our What to Sell documents on this same page.  Need an extra nudge?  Find out why consigning impacts your community here AND communities half-way across the world and read what other folks are saying about Half-Pint.

For you veteran consignors, make sure you note that all tags must be printed with the newer Tag Template (new as of Spring 2012), and that all tags must have barcodes, printed using our online system.

Barcodes you say?  Once you are registered through our online system, you be able to print out barcodes that correspond with your specific Consignor Number and the Price.  Barcodes are then copied easily onto labels.  Labels are affixed to a tag, giving you the flexibility to tag with a glass of wine in front of the TV or with a gaggle of friends (you can see where our priorities continue to lie, hey?).  Don’t worry, we spell it all out for you on our consignor page and in the pdf “How to Half-Pint”.

And guess what?  Choose to donate any goods not sold post sale to the non-profits that Half-Pint supports and you will be automatically registered for a chance to win an overnight stay at the Hyatt Place Madison/Downtown!

13halfpintspring diapers


(only for those who have
 NEVER been assigned a Half-Pint Consignor #)

(for anyone who has EVER been assigned a Half-Pint Consignor #)
Your number is the same number you have always had, minus any letters (that were part of our old system).
Your password is the last name which you registered with at the last sale.
Having problems logging in?   Contact us and we’ll help!)



Volunteer!  Want in during that first presale?  We have a lot of fun, so you should Join us! (Registration opens 7/22/13 at 10am)

Help us spread the word about the sale!  Printable Posters, postcards and more.

Be a HALF-PINT SUPPORTER!  Want to get the word out about your family-friendly business/non-profit to area families?  Find out more!

If you haven’t already, make sure you join our email list and friend us on Facebook so that you can get in on fun contests and find more ways to get your pre-Half-Pint fix!

We’re going to have so much fun this fall, you really won’t want to be left out.

We’re excited to see y’all again!

-EC and LS

Join the fun at the 11th Annual Half-Pint Resale

It’s the 11th Annual Half-Pint Resale!  

This coming weekend is the 11th annual Half-Pint Resale, the area’s largest children’s consignment sale.  With only a few days left before the sale, we hope you’ve got your resuable bags ready and your cheat sheets complete.  Despite the unusually cool weather, we promise that spring is around the corner– and my guess is that there are littles (and school-aged bigs) who could use some new-to-you clothing, some gear, some toys, and how about a few holiday or birthday gifts stashed away – all on a budget?!

Did you join us for the Fall sale?  Remember how you felt when you dragged that big bag to the counter and wrote that budget-friendly check?

Here are a couple of  things that might help you prepare for the season’s biggest shopping extravaganza:

1) Volunteers will be wearing black and will be wearing nametags.  They are here to help you!  There are a couple of volunteers with special duties that will really help you out:  Volunteers in the GEAR AREA will help you purchase large items so you can easily purchase them without hindering the rest of your shopping experience (look for the signs on the wall).  Volunteers with a ASK ME ABOUT BABY CARRIERS sign on their backs are ladies who know a TON about baby carriers and will be hanging around in that area during a few hours of the sale to help you try carriers on and learn about what will be best for you and your baby.    We hope that these folks will help make your shopping experience better.

2) There are two main areas at the Madison Curling Club.  In the lobby area, there are tables, seats, and places to just take a load off!  Feel free to come in and take a seat, nurse your baby, dig into some food from this sale’s Food Carts.  You are more than welcome to come and hang out – we only ask that you leave all unpurchased items on the sales floor.  Thanks!

The sale area is in the arena part of the building.   We will have hold tables where you could bag your items, if you say, need to go sit and nurse your babe or use the restroom (or get a sugar fix!).    NOTE:  The temperature in the arena area is similar in temperature to the temperature outside, due to the nature of the space.   It may be warm, it may be cool, it all depends!

3) Spend some time reading through our Shopping Tips.   There are a few things to highlight…

4)  Strollers are NOT allowed during peak shopping times (anytime before Noon on Saturday).   It gets so crowded and it would be unsafe for everyone.   We also highly recommend you not bring children.  We know – sometimes you have no choice!  But we’ve had several kids get lost (think kids shorter than the racks and at some peak shopping times, several hundred people packing the space).    Finally, Children of any size that are WORN in a carrier are ALWAYS welcome, anytime!  If you do bring kids, please make sure that they do not play with the toys or sit in the gear.  We’ve had kids break things (and then the item is unsellable) or have had people pass over things they want to buy because they think that they are accounted for, only to find out later that the person using the item wasn’t intending to buy it, and then a consignor lost the sale.  THANKS for understanding!!

5) Check out all of our tips about holding items on our shopping tips page.  Remember that items can stay on the Hold table for one hour maximum.  PLEASE!  Don’t abandon items on this table!  Shoppers and consignors alike miss out!

6) Don’t forget to come on Sunday during the Half-Price sale for the Fun Booth thanks to First Moments Photography!!!  Come have fun with us!

And last, but not least, We only take cash and check!  Keeping consignor checks as high as possible and keeping as much money  in the community as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you:
Saturday, April 20, 2013- 8am-6pm, and Sunday, April 21, 2013- 8am-1pm when everything is half off!

-Ellen and Lisa

PS – Half-Pint is only possible because of the tremendous community we are a part of.  Say thank to these folks next time you see them – 

PPS – Save a couple of bucks for some super awesome Half-Pint goods (tees, stainless steel sippy’s, glass insulated travel mugs, and flip and tumbles!) You can carry the Half-Pint love with you year round.

Look who Supports Half-Pint

Each one of the following organizations and businesses not only makes our community better, but they make Half-Pint a reality.  You’ll want to check out their postcards in your bags and their tables at the sale – there will be drawings, awesome coupons, and even activities for your kids!!! And when you are out in the community supporting these fine folks, be sure to say THANK YOU for all they do to make this great community resource available.



Attorney Heather E. Hazelwood is passionate about working with clients to help them plan for the future and manage life’s transitions. Many of her estate planning clients are families with young children and couples just before and after marriage. She also focuses on helping same-sex couples and non-traditional families ensure they enjoy the full extent of their rights!   She is offering a special deal for friends of Half-Pint so don’t delay!  You can also find her posting about family-related legal matters on facebook.

Swim East and West are making the water a safer place for over 23 years!  We have sung the praises of Swim East  and Swim West for years (and years and years), and are continuing to do so.  Only a few years into swimming, the eldest of our kids can be found doing backstroke the length of the pool and our youngests are on their way.  We’ve seen the magic first hand that turns a child that hates the water to one that is laughing and giggling all throughout class.   With so many places to swim in and around Madison, having a child who is safe around water is a must.   Their philosophy is to “provide all children, regardless of age, race, or special needs, the best aquatic experience, to teach the necessary skills to be safe in the water, to nurture a love of swimming, and to educate parents about water safety and the aquatic learning process.”

Molly Bears is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit that exists to create a positive and comforting impact to families enduring any form of infant loss. They have over 3,500 bears on their waiting list and operate solely on donations. Every $45 they receive puts a bear in another family’s arms. Dannah Kilborn is a local bear creator for Molly Bears. She has made several hundred bears to comfort grieving families, several of them in the Madison area.  Donate today!

Happy Bambino, LLC – Madison’s premier place to get  quality pregnancy and parenting resources, safe, green, locally-made products and  caring, hands-on support  – from pre-conception through birth and beyond.  If you are pregnant or a new parent, HB is the place to go. Their parenting resources and groups are out of this world.  They personally helped me through some major breastfeeding struggles, introduced me to several of my bestest friends, and saved my wallet issues (which are great, mind you) with their JuJeBe line.  AND on top of this, they’ve been HUGE Half-Pint supporters and such good friends us and care so much about their community.


First Moments Photography – the official photographer of the Spring 2013 Half-Pint Resale, specializing in capturing life’s intimate moments!   Our family had Danielle take our first family photos, and she even survived past my child screaming “NO PICTURES”, and gave us great results.   See all of the fun from the Fall 2012 sale, and don’t forget to join us for the PHOTO BOOTH at this year’s sale!


Hula-Frog – Fun things for Kids to Do.  Have you checked out Hulafrog yet?  Visit madison.hulafrog.com, subscribe to their newsletter for FREE and get their Our Pick emails & The Weekend Guide to find out about can’t miss activities, deals and events for families.  We love that they send us emails to remind us of fun happening around town.  Your kids will thank you for it!

Attorney Juscha E. M. Robinson is your go-to local attorney (not to mention, our neighbor and friend, fellow Half-Pinter and mom!) for everything related to real estate.  It’s hard to know who to trust with such big (and often larger-than-life) decisions, but you can count on Juscha to help you with buying, selling (providing flat fee work for people working without agents), property agreements, options to purchase, land contracts, deeds, private financing documents, and foreclosures.  She prides herself on responsiveness, her quick turn around-time and flexibleness.

Thanks to locally owned Peace of Mind Nannies, finding someone to care for your children can actually be an enjoyable process.  Founded in 2010, Peace of Mind Nannies prides itself on building strong families within our community. They carefully match nannies and families; based on the needs of that specific family. Whether you’re a family with young children who need a full time nanny (even if it’s just for those summer months), or a busy mom who could use a mother’s helper, Peace of Mind Nannies is here to help!

Big Oak / Orton Park Camp  is a full-day, outdoor based camp on Madison’s eastside, especially suited for children ages 5 to 10. They utilize the many cultural, educational and recreational opportunities afforded us throughout the city, and incorporate the rich flavor of our community into the program through songs, art, music, recreational sports and games, and field trips. Informal, recreational swimming is offered daily. And the camp employs highly skilled counselors who specialize in the education of early elementary age children! They are state licensed and city accredited.

Spring is here and so are RainReserve rain barrels!  What’s better than rain water for your garden? Saving money!  Check out  www.rainreserve.com/wisconsin to learn more about their rain barrel sale on April 27th in Madison with three new colors, forest green, brown and gray.

Busy Barns Adventure Farm – Growing Memories, Harvesting Fun!   Busy Barns Adventure Farm happily invites you and your family to join them for their Spring Barnyard Adventures and fall Autumn Adventures. Make plans to spend the day on the farm Make plans to spend the day on the farm as you interact with the animals, play in the corn and straw, sit on the antique tractors, take in a puppet show, scurry down the rabbit hole slide, sway on the pony swings, complete the scavenger hunt & enjoy yummy food and drinks!

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – making and selling over 110 flavors of Wisconsin’s finest super-premium ice cream. You want nutrition? Eat carrots.  Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has been a long time supporter of Half-Pint Resale.  We think you should eat their icecream because they are such huge community supporters (but we know that you will eat it because it’s so unbelievably irresistible and delicious.