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Facebook Winners

I’m sitting here following up all kinds of details and all of a sudden it occurs to me – omg!  We never announced our Facebook winners!

We were so busy catching up with our family, taking care of details, getting sick (ah, post stress sick, everyone’s favorite)…  We spent weeks loving you posting all of your pictures, oohing and ahhing at all of your fabulous finds, and never followed up on our end of the bargain.  Shame on us!

So, we have THREE Half-Pint tshirts to give away – your choice from our fabulous (short sleeve adult, long sleeve women’s and baby sizes!) And the winners are…

Martha S.
Jen J.
Katherine S.

Still interested in buying a Half-Pint tee?  We’ll have them up on for sale in just a few weeks!  Stay tuned



We have early registration winners!    Thanks to the over 125 of you who registered before the August 15th Early Registration Deadline!

(Drumroll please).

The winners are –

New Consignors:  Winners (who will have their consignor registration waived and receive a $10 Half-Pint Gift Certificate) are CS and BK.

Returning Consignor:  Winner (who will receive a pass to get into the Volunteer Sale a half-hour early with a friend) is Veteran Consignor and Volunteer AP.  She’s been around since our FIRST SALE!  That is some staying power, friend.

Are you thinking – oh shoot – all of the fun is done, and I never got around to Registering to Consign.  Ah, but you see, the BEST part of Consigning is the empty bins and the check in the end!  Click here for more information.

-Ellen and Lisa