Vote Early. Vote Thrift.

It’s that time of year again, and you probably are getting emails left and right from all of your favorite stores screaming ‘VOTE FOR US!  VOTE FOR US!’.  We will be no different.

Every year Isthmus/The Daily Page runs the ultimate Madison Poll – to find out what the best of the best is;  where you wouldn’t want to miss shopping/stopping/playing in Madison.  And we are hopeful that you think that Half-Pint Resale is a great thrift addition to this great 77-squared (plus!) miles of land.  We hope you want it to stick around.  And surely, you must want to tell others about it!  (right?)


So, go here and register to vote.  They’ll send you an email once you do with your super-secret-password so that no one can steal your vote, and well, you can’t vote twice.    There are lots of great categories, and certainly great stores you can vote for.  But when you get to that thrift category, remember where you got that favorite outfit, that favorite toy, and that best thrift bargain.  (smile)

Ellen and Lisa

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