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We made the Big Leagues this (September) month! Wisconsin Woman magazine asked us to post some of our thrify tips for area families every few months, and our debut issue was just published.  Take a look on page 14!

In case the type is too little (why strain your eyes),  look below for the tips:

Here we are!
Here we are!

Give your budget and the earth a break after buying all new for Back to School!  Gear up for cooler weather with these ideas:

*Jump on Halloween costumes now before the October rush hits.  There are re-usable costumes hiding in your children’s friends dress-up bins, as well as great deals at area thrift stores, on craigslist, and and at Half-Pint Resale.
*To outfit your child for cold weather at your local Big Box Store, you will spend an average of $100 (including coat, snowpants, boots, hat and mittens).  You don’t have to sacrifice quality to make winter gear affordable.  Consider buying higher quality goods used, as they will hold up through several seasons of sledding and still have life in them to spare.
*If you do plan to buy new, purchase your more expensive items in gender neutral colors so they can be passed on.  New hats and mittens in bright gender specific colors will make your Half-Pint just as happy.

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