Half-Pint Give-aways: Sprouting Change One-Size Diaper

Almost better than finding great new clothing and items for my little sprouts, signing up for the giveaways at the sale is one of my favorite parts of Half-Pint.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be posting about all of the different goodies you can throw your hat in the ring for.

First?  From the Willow Store (a Verona, WI owned and operated company!)

A Sprouting Change *NEW* One-Size Diaper!   From the website – “Sprouting Change one-size diapers are truly innovative. Unlike anything else on the market, our diaper system is the easiest, most user-friendly option available. Anyone can figure out how to change baby, and the diaper fits just right, every time! Our unique Sleeve and Inside combination makes for lightning fast diaper changes and a minimal investment. You truly can affordably cloth diaper your baby in the most absorbent, softest of organics. From birth to potty, Sprouting Change is the perfect fit your your little one.”  These diapers fit babies 5 pounds to 40 pounds!

So make sure when you’re at the sale, make sure you hit the informational tables and throw your hat in the ring!


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