Eating for Cheap

Last week my family and I went on a much needed vacation. My goal? To relax as much as is possible (given that I have two small boys, this seemed like a huge hurdle to cross). and TWO – to go through my entire pile of outdated magazines. This was quite the pile.

And now I have quite the stack of torn out somethings. Recipes, Quotes, Craft ideas, House color ideas, House design ideas. Ranging from the practical (but who has time to do it) to the Totally Impractical (but all of the more appealing).

In my stack, though, I found two themes that I think we can all resonate with. Fast and Cheap. I have more advice about cheap than I do fast. Let me know if you know of good fast advice.

But what I CAN share with you are a few tidbits I found. One of my favorites is this article on “Top 10 Money-Saving Ingredients“) – not because I didn’t already know what items are cheap at the store (oh, I know), but because there are recipes that are linked to each item. It made me rethink my tagging system in evernote as well.

I’ve got another article on how to eat WELL and cheap – where to scrimp and save, and where to spend the big bucks (when you have a few to spare). Watch for it later this week-


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